Lipstick Bandits Strike Again: Fall Lipsticks We Crave.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about the Lipstick Bandits, this post should suffice for an introduction. 🙂

After a lot of digging around our massive lipstick wardrobes, we present to you our must-have lipstick for fall.  When I think of fall, I think of girls with perfectly berry-stained lips.  Berry lips are incredibly flattering on all skin tones, and of course MAC’s vast lipstick line would have something that is perfection.  My pick is MAC Lipstick in Amorous ($17.50).

MAC Amorous Lipstick

MAC’s description of Amorous cracks me up; they call it a “lovestruck cranberry.”  *snickers*  Whatever.  It’s a beautiful hidden gem from their permanent collection.  Amorous is from MAC’s Satin line — a semi-matte, pigmented and long-wearing formula.  I wore her for the first time for IMATS Toronto this weekend and fell in love.  After a solid nine hours, its pigment hugged my lips without drying them out or settling into fine lines.  I can’t even believe I don’t own other Satins in my lipstick collection.

MAC Amorous Lipstick Swatch

Wearing MAC Amorous Lipstick

It’s one of those colors that makes you feel instantly put together even without a lot of eye makeup.  However I chose to pair it with an antique gold — Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Ore — for a very autumnal and flattering palette. 🙂  Oh how I love berries and golds!

Wearing MAC Amorous Lipstick, and Illamasqua Ore Pure Pigment on eyes

The other Lipstick Bandits picked out some amazing lipsticks, too! Check out these posts for all our fall picks:

IMATS Toronto 2011 Sneak Peek!

In other beauty news, IMATS took Toronto by storm again this past weekend.  Here’s a little teaser photo of the student winner of the fantasy tribal contest.  I am absolutely slack jawed.  The finished look is so arresting!

First place winner of student make-up competition

P.S.  How have you been?  Sorry I haven’t been around that much lately.  I have so many things that I want to do with this makeup thing, and first I want to get an online portfolio started.  What do you think of, or

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  • This colour was amazing on you! I don’t have any MAC lipsticks anymore (I know – GASP!) but this one I’m loving!

  • Oh and as for the website name…lemme brainstorm and get back to you 😉

  • Paris B

    Ooh that is such a demure look, I love it! I’ve never been able to wear MAC lipsticks. They tend to dry my lips out 🙁 but this most certainly makes me want to take a look, or find a similar shade in a lipstick I can wear 🙂

    • Hi Paris B! Even the Lustres dry your lips out? Those I find are quite moisturizing.

      • Sadly, yes. Even Lustres dry my lips out 🙁

  • You and Paris – both berry lipped! Great look!

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  • Danielle

    Oh myyy gawwwww! Loves it! And you are werking that tan, girl! How have I never heard about this shade?!?!

    • I know, eh? I’m so brownnnn and I love it! 😉

      It’s one of those shades that just get forgotten in the 18472923 Limited Edition collections they release each year.

  • I love wearing berry for fall, and this one is very pretty! Especially with Ore. Great choice, can’t wait to see what all you bandits pick!

  • very fresh and pretty look! ore and the lippie looks so good on you

  • Yay! Amourous has been my regular shade for years – one of the only ones I’ve actually finished tubes of. Satin is my fav finish, for sure.

    • I think you’re the only one who’s heard about it. 😛 It’s a great shade.

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  • I’ve never seen this one before! But then, I don’t usually browse Satin finishes. Gorgeous, Arianne! Love it paired with the gold!

    • Thanks Larie! The gold is really a nice complement.

  • Ahh, SO lovely!

    Oh and I can’t wait for your IMATS post! 😀

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  • Ooh! Love the look of Amorous against your complexion. Can’t wait to read more IMATS coverage on Glitter Geek – and, in time, see your portfolio. Excited for you!! ;o)

    • EEEEEE Rae I’m excited, too! I just need to get the site set up. It’ll be 🙂 Fancy!

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  • Love it! It’s perfect on you girl!

  • sounds best to me.

    Amorous looks so tame compared to other Lipstick Bandits favorites but it goes great with Ore!

    • Thanks Ashley! I was thinking maybe I could get more creative with the domain name like ArianneArtistry so I have alliteration or something. Except it sounds kinda pretentious. LOL.

  • What a beautiful everyday fall shade, looks great on you!

    • Thanks Rocaille. 🙂 I agree – great everyday shade.

  • wow…i LOVE this color on you! it just wakes up your whole face…if that makes sense? love it.

    • Hahaha it makes sense I think 😛 Thank you!

  • So pretty! I haven’t heard of this color before, but it looks beautiful on you. I haven’t bought any MAC lipsticks yet, just because every time I walk in there, I’m faced with a hundred million tubes, and I don’t know where to look! But I will definitely search this one out next time I’m there.

    My vote goes to, if it’s between those two.

    • Thanks MM. 🙂 I actually went with I like the alliteration. 🙂

  • Attia

    Ooooh this is one of my favourite shades for autumn! It looks more purpley on me, it looks lovely on you. I found it whilst trying to replace an old Maybelline long lasting gloss thingy lol….

    Satin finish is the best finish MAC make in my opinion….you should try Viva Glam II, awesome nude shade that is pink enough not to look like concealer 🙂

    • OMG Viva Glam II sounds incredible. I will go have a look next time, thanks! 🙂

  • that is such a beautiful shade! I wish I was not on lipstick no-buy (which i keep breaking every month, lol). And I hope it looks like this on my red pigmented lips too.

    and agreed on MAC satin formula, their best formula IMO 🙂

    • I think it’ll look more berry on you than lilac-y, but still SUPER pretty!!!

  • Great pick Arianne! I’m not sure why, but I’ve never heard of or swatched Amorous before so thanks for the hidden gem.

    Ore looks ah- mazing on you.

  • SO PRETTY! It’s a lilac-berry that I want I want but it’s MAC and they kill my lips. how now brown cow 🙁

    (p.s. *points above* just got home from work and no sleep.)

    • Sorry Xiao. 🙁 It seems to be a problem with a lot of people, which is really too bad!

  • BooBooNinja

    This colour is incredible with your skin tone.
    You are tempting me to break my non-lippie-existence.
    Are you NC20/25 by any chance? I can’t remember…and I know if I look it up and I find out that you are, I may have to go by MAC and check out this colour!

    • Ha far from it. I’m NC40.

      It’s a great colour though. It’ll look bolder on you but sooo flattering!

  • It looks so much softer on the lips than in the tube! Yay, I’m not scared of this one!

    I like the sound of MakeupByArianne better than the other one, but how about incorporating your last name just in case there are other MUAs named Arianne floating around?

    • Yeah I thought of using my full name, but I’ll probably take fiancé’s last name when we get married. Then do I change my site name again?? 🙁

  • Ooh! I like that you went a little less vampy than the other fall picks.

    • Less vampy but still enough, eh? 🙂

  • Loooooooooove!!!!! Must buy. Tomorrow.

    • Hahahaha that’s the Michelle I know! 🙂 Go forth and love it.

  • This color is GORGEOUS on you! I think this might need to be my first Satin formula. My current favorites are the Pros and the cremesheens…

    • It’s really nice! I find the Cremesheens, although creamy, dry my lips out. 🙁 They have some really nice colours from the line though.

  • Love the lip colour. Looks fab on you as well.

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