Around the Internetz: How To Get Organized and Look Cute While Doing It.

I’m back!!! 🙂 Two weeks in Mexico were pure bliss. Because I am still getting my blogging mojo back, here are some ladies who definitely have it. See you with a real post soon!

Source: Messy Wands

Messy Wands is one of my latest and greatest beauty blog discoveries.  How I managed to live my life before it, I don’t even know.  Xiao just looks drop dead gorgeous wearing Le Métier de Beauté Holiday Antiquité Poupée.  The makeup.  I am speechless. #girlcrush [Messy Wands]

My vanity is anything but organized right now, and I love these tips from JennySue (like the mismatched glass idea!).  She’s another recent discovery of mine and I am already obsessed with her blog. [JennySue Makeup]

Not that I have any of Chanel purses or anything, but I do have a couple of leather bags that are looking pretty sad.  I will definitely use these tips on how to take care of them. [I am Style-ish]

NARS always gets eyeshadow duos right.  NARS Mandchourie, the latest for their Holiday 2011 collection, screams smoldering eyes.  Need it!  [The Beauty Look Book]

Fact: I am not as articulate as Rae when it comes to describing perfumes.  She had me at “luxe leather handbag.”  Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum is going on my to-sniff list. [theNotice]

A cute boy and his kitten.  Nothing can ever go wrong in the world after you watch this video. I bet you’re going to forget that it’s not the weekend yet.  00:44 is probably the best moment ever recorded for the Internetz. [Cute Overload]

Now, I leave you with the sight of Scherbie’s toe beans.

I spy with my little eye… something pink.

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  • Awesome links! But the one I liked the most was the kitteh grooming cute boy video. 😀 Very awwwwwwww inducing. You’re slowly but surely turning me into a cat person. 😛

  • Omg, the kitteh! Sooo cute <3.

    • p.s. I’m not sure what I find cuter, the guy or the fact that the cat is grooming him…

  • Liz

    I like these spontaneous link loves. Yay for new discoveries!

  • I envy that guy. I wish i have a cute cat like that. By the way, what’s that pink in the cat’s paws?

    • Hi Zane! The pink is her one pink paw. 😛 Really!