IMATS Toronto 2011: Show Specials From Canadian Exhibitors!

I want to do something different this year for my IMATS pre-show coverage.  This is the third year I will be attending IMATS, I have become quite a bit of a veteran on what to look for, which booths get the most hype from the crowd, what’s worth the money, and so on.

This year, I want to feature our Canadian exhibitors at the show.  Not everyone knows this, but there are a lot of amazing brands at IMATS that are based in Canada!  A lot of you (like me!) are now coming up with your game plan for IMATS, so to help you out, I asked the brands to share their biggest DEAL$ for IMATS Toronto!!! 😀

Here they are, in alphabetical order.

Cover FX

I love Cover FX; I think I’ve made that known on here before. 🙂  If you have concealing to do, you know Cover FX has you covered.  They have a couple of amazing value sets to choose from at the show.

First, the general show special – 1 Cover FX Trio, 1 Conceal FX, 1 SkinPrep FX, #160 brush – will be available for $70.00 (value $165).

A special for the pros – a set of 16 pro pots (8 light-to-medium and 8 medium-to-dark), Setting FX Light 6.5g, Matte FX Medium, SkinPrep FX, #160 brush – in the show only for a special price of $195.00 (value over $300).  Pro Pot Shades: C – 10, 30, 50, 60; E – 0, 20, 40, 60; M – 20, 30, 50, 80; B – 0, 15, 25, 45.

(Cover FX Website)

Distribution Dinair

Airbrush Makeup and Facial Tanning Kit (Valued at $400) for only $249 (taxes included)!  This is a great starter kit that includes 4 foundation shades, 4 bonus shades, a sample of their new concealer, a set of brows/shadow stencils and a facial tanner!  The compressor, airbrush, hose, cleaner, moisturizer and DVD are also all included.

(Distribution Dinair Website)

FACE atelier

FACE atelier — the maker of possibly the best liquid foundation formula evarr! —  will be offering 20% off retail price for consumers, as well as show specials that are too good to advertise! 🙂  Make sure to check out their Lip Glazes as well; we reviewed Prim Rose and Peach before.

(FACE atelier Website)

Lit Cosmetics

Now we have glitter!!!  Or, as I lovingly call it, glittarz.  Lit Cosmetics is a company based out of Calgary, Alberta.  They offer all sorts of sparkly stuff as well as glitter bases, which I’ve read are absolutely fabulous.

Mini Me Lit Kit $30, which includes: a 30 ml Clearly Liquid Glitter Base (Daily Wear), 2 mini brushes, 2 glitter, a sparkle duster, and a reusable silk bag.

Large Lit Kits (choose from three sizes, prices below), which include: a 30 ml Clearly Liquid Glitter Base (Daily Wear), 2 pro brushes (Liner & Round), multi glitter, sparkle duster, reusable tote bag.

  • 3 x stack Lit Kit – $40
  • 4 x stack Lit Kit – $50
  • 5 x stack Lit Kit – $60

In the kits, you can also replace the “Daily Wear” glitter base with “Water Resistant” glitter base for an additional $5.

(Lit Cosmetics website)

Velour Lashes

I came across Velour Lashes while checking the vendor list for IMATS and oh. my. god!  The lashes are absolutely to die for!  Each pair of Velour lashes are handmade with 100% authentic mink fur.  Colleen of Fembotika once told me that a full set of mink fur lash extensions cost about $800, so you can understand why Velour lashes aren’t cheap.

Regular price for their lashes are $59.99 – $64.99, and for IMATS, they are selling them for $20 – 22 per pair (cash only)!  Also, Toronto makeup artist Joan Huang will be there to help those who want to apply their lashes.

(Velour Lashes Website)

yaby cosmetics

I have a confession to make: yaby cosmetics is my new brand crush.  Everything for a makeup artist’s kit is available in compact palettes, making it easier to travel with them.  I have my eyes on the Dramatically Neutral Eyeshadow palette.  Want… nay, need!

Everything at 30-40% off!  There will also be a draw for three $25 gift certificates at the yaby cosmetics booth!  Also, check out Roshar on Sunday, as he will be presenting a class on the use of color on runway using yaby cosmetics.

(yaby cosmetics Website)

So, what’s on your to-buy list at IMATS?  Picking up anything from our Canadian brands?

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  • So jealous!!! I wish I could go. I’ve never been to an IMATS. I’ve always wanted to try YABY eyeshadows-they sound lovely.
    Have a great time and don’t spend too much!

    • Ooooh I’m getting so excited!!! How far is it to drive to Vancouver for their IMATS? 🙂

      I can’t guarantee I won’t be spending too much though 😛

      • Oh my god. TRACY. ARIANNE. We need to gather up everyone we can get our hands on and force them to partake in a giant beauty blogger road trip involving IMATS and cars and pie.

        It will be beautiful and fantastic and amazing (and I am absolutely not in any way being serious, so please don’t start making t-shirts or anything :P)

  • Great minds must think alike because I just made an IMATS post this morning as well! a little recap of last year. So excited to go this year, I’m going to have a big list!

    • Woohoo! Let’s trade lists!!!

      So far I am thinking:
      – yaby Dramatically Neutral palette
      – FACE atelier foundations… maybe… but I already have foundations from school. Maybe just 0+ and 0- adjusters.
      – A cream foundation palette (Graftobian maybe?)
      – A lipstick palette (not sure from where)…
      – Brushes, of course. 🙂
      – A Velour Lash as a treat for myself.

      Anything else? 🙂

  • I love you for doing this and hate you at the same time. There goes my budget!

    • Hahaha so sorry! What are you getting Lelo? 😛

      • I think I’m going to get some blush from Yaby (matte ones)& I need face atelier foundations + the cover fx foundations sound like a good deal too! i need to stock up on some cream products.

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  • I just tried Cover FX and I LOVE their matte primer and Natural FX line. I use the Natural FX more of a concealer than a foundation, and it’s been working great for my skin.

    What is the Trio that’s part of that package? I couldn’t seem to find it at the Shoppers Drugmart today. That’s a great deal since the primer alone is $37 – $45! *drools*

    • I’m not sure frugirl. I think it might be cream foundation pots.

  • Tess

    Ahhhhhh Arianne! WHY!!!? I went into this thinking all I need to get are brushes. Now I’m tempted.
    Thanks! Great post! 😛

    • LOL you’re welcome Tess! I know I wanted this to be the big enabler post for Toronto ladies. Hahaha.

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  • I gotta stay from IMATS like the devil. (But sign me up for Rae’s blogger road trip!) Love CoverFX and have been meaning to try Face Atelier for a while but keep forgetting since they don’t have a store or occupy shelf space in the usual haunts.

    Have fun and buy lots, Arianne. 😉

    • Really Liz? I can pick up something for you if you want? 🙂

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