My First Lash Extensions by Fembotika.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make: my eyelashes are no longer Asian.  Goodbye lash inferiority complex!  I now have lush and long lash extensions.  I went to Fembotika iLash Bar to see Colleen on the recommendation of Lucky on Twitter, and I’m glad I did.  Best eyelash extensions in Toronto?  I believe that!

Colleen, the owner of Fembotika, is extremely passionate about lash extensions.  She shares that her love for false lashes goes way back to when she was 13, when she was always late for class because she had to wear her false lashes first.  She moved to Toronto from Vancouver to pursue her dream of  opening her own lash salon.  At the moment, Fembotika is located inside Redd Hair Studio (1187 King Street West, Toronto), where the lash application process happens on a very brightly-lit bed.

The setup: where the magic happens.

Before Your Appointment

Obviously, you shouldn’t wear any eye makeup when you come in for your lash extensions.  Do not curl your lashes, either.  If you are a contact lens wearer, wear your glasses for the day or be ready to your contacts out when you get there.

It was my first time, so I had to fill out a client information sheet.  It asks about your lash history: whether you ever had lash extensions done, and if you had a bad experience in the past.

The Lashing Process

The first part of the process is the consultation.  Colleen takes a look at your natural lashes, and then you agree on the curliness of the lashes.  There are four types of curls — J, B, C and D — going from the least curly to the curliest doll-like lashes.  I didn’t want mine super curly, and Colleen suggested the B curls would look like C’s on my eyes so we went with those.

After the consultation, a cool gel pad or medical tape is applied on top of the bottom lashes to avoid getting your eyes glued shut.  Individual lashes are applied very close to the roots of your own lashes.  This process can take anywhere between one and two hours.  I got 80 lashes on each eye.  I found the whole process really relaxing and if I wasn’t so excited, I could’ve definitely fallen asleep.

Taking Care of Your Pretties

For the first 24 hours after application, you should avoid getting the lashes wet to allow the glue to dry completely.  Yes, this means washing around the eyes with a cloth instead of splashing your face as usual.  No saunas or swimming pools, either.

After that, never use waterproof makeup remover on your lashes.  Which means, no waterproof eye makeup.  Wear eye makeup that doesn’t require a separate makeup remover, or get an awesome face cleanser like Philosophy Purity Made Simple, Consonant Body Organic Face Wash, or Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk.  Mascaras aren’t recommended, but honestly, you won’t need mascaras while wearing lash extensions.  Oh, and never take a curler to your lashes; they curl on their own. 🙂

If you take care of your lashes, your lash extensions should only fall off when your natural lashes fall off.  Lash extensions usually last 3-4 weeks until they need a fill.

Before and After Photos

And of course, the only reasons why you’re reading this post: the before and after shots. 😉

Update:  My natural lashes are very spaced out, so Fembotika suggests that the lash extensions be feathered next time to give the lashes a fluffier appearance.  The process will take a bit longer, as it involves placing two super fine lashes on one lash.

Oh, and a beauty blogger tip? If you ever plan on blogging about your lash extension experience, get your brows waxed or threaded beforehand for the best photos. I had the unfortunate task of Photoshopping my stray brow hairs for these macro. Such a pain!

Click on the photos to enlarge and enjoy! 🙂

My Fembotika Lashes


Before / After (Click to enlarge)

Keep reading to see more pictures!

Before / After (Click to enlarge)


Before / After (Click to enlarge)


Before / After (Click to enlarge)

 Are you freaking out as much as I am?  I am ecstatic over my new lashes.  It looks like my eyes went from boy eyes to super girly!  They look so incredible.  I don’t think I need to wear that much eye makeup anymore, just because these lashes are bold enough to rock on their own.

Have You Had Eyelash Extensions Before?

What was your experience like?  If not, do you want to get them done now?  They are perfect for a summer getaway; when you don’t necessarily want to slap on a lot of eye makeup.  I’ll keep you posted on the longevity of these lashes.  I’m going to take good care of them so hopefully they will last me at least three weeks.

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  • Jamilla

    Those look AMAZING! Thanks for the great pics!

    • You’re welcome Jamilla. 🙂

  • wowee they look amazing, you’ll have to show us a picture of them in context of your face! xxx

    • For sure, they’ll show up in FOTDs. 😉

  • Pingback: lucky (@luckymakeup)()

  • Are filling your lashes as expensive as the first procedure to get them done?

    • Hi Bailey, touch-ups aren’t as expensive. On the site it’s listed $60-$100.

  • Flipping amazing!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get this done!!!! You need to keep up updated on progress too!

    • Will definitely show updates later. So excited for you! When are you going?

  • Pingback: Elaine Atkins (@TOBeautyReviews)()

  • Those look INCREDIBLE!! WOW WOW WOW!!

    • Thanks! I feel like a doll lol.

  • I knew they’d look awesome! Asian girls’ dream come true! 🙂

    • I couldn’t have said it any better, Liz. 😉

  • Beautiful! Instant Latisse 🙂

    • Oh my god, if I could only expense Latisse at work I would do it in a heartbeat. 🙂 But until then, falsies and lash extensions will do.

  • GORGEOUS! i’m toying with the idea of getting lash extensions for my month-long trip to Manila…

    • Oooh! A month might be a bit long though. Your lashes might get pretty patchy by then.

  • Wowee Wow Wow!! I’ve never seen lash extensions look so real! Kudos to Colleen and Fembotika.

    Great post doll. As always, super informative. 🙂

    • Colleen really is amazing! 🙂

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  • It’s really not as scary as I thought it would be. I mean of course, sharp tweezers close to your lashes are kinda scary, but your eyes are closed the whole time.

  • Your lash extensions look absolutely lovely, my dear! Thanks for sharing your experience and the before/after shots 🙂

    (The cost, though – ouch!)

    • I know! 🙁 So much for that budget, haha.

  • The after picture is how everyone’s eyelashes should look naturally!

    • Tell that to my natural lashes, Ashley. They just won’t listen.

  • Gahhhhh! These are SO lovely!! i’m jealous.

  • Holly Santandrea

    wow wow wow!!!!!!!! they look so real!!! i’m in awe! although, i don’t think i could ever allow myself to cough up $200 simply because my eyelashes look like that with some cheap mascara. BUT the idea of not having to take the time to do my eye make up in the morning…!!!

    • You’re lucky Holly! Some of us aren’t that gifted in the lash department. 😛

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  • Danielle

    Your lashes look fantabulous girl! You would never know they were extensions either! Overall, I am quite happy with my lashes (thank God) because I would have a hard time wanting to shell out $200, particularly if they only last 3-4 weeks. But girl, werk those lashes!

    • Thanks Danielle! 🙂 They look real, don’t they? 🙂

  • LOOKS AMAZING!!! I love how they are longer at the end so that they wing out!!! It’d be worth it just to get some put on the end to get that look. Something to consider!

    • Hi Tracy, yeah I agree. My outer corners could use a few more lashes. 🙂

  • I’m experiencing major lash envy right now! Falsies just aren’t quite the same.

    And I agree w/ everyone else, would love to see you rocking your lash extensions in an FOTD soon 🙂

    • Right? For falsies I find I need an eyeliner to make it blend in but this one I don’t have to wear liner at all.

  • I’ve reviewed two different false lash experiences on my blog, but yours seems to have gone much better. I guess i need to insist on sparser lashes because the super thick fake look doesn’t do it for me.

  • OMG! That is amazing!

    • Aren’t they so natural? But at the same time, so freakin’ long?

  • *flails* THEY LOOK AMAZING

    • Hahahaha they really do! 🙂

  • Wow! I’ve only seen ads for eyelash extensions but never seen pictures like this before. They look incredibly natural. I would not have even guessed they were extensions.

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  • Nellie

    I just found your blog. I was looking through some of your pictures and noticed how long and curly your lashes are and became instantly jealous. I thought to myself, “How in the heck did this fellow Asian get such long beautiful lashes?” Now I see how. Your lashes look so amazing!

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