Five Ways to Wear Giorgio Armani Jacquard Quatuor Eye Palette No 1.

When I first saw the Giorgio Armani Jacquard Quatuor Eye Palette No 1, I thought, “Pretty, but what an unusual combination of colours!”  This makeup addict was stumped. I didn’t want to give up on this beauty, so I turned to Twitter for ideas from fellow beauty junkies.

Giorgio Armani Jacquard Quatuor Palette No 1

One of my favourite makeup artists, Diana Carreiro, suggested five different looks using this eye palette.  I sorta kinda think she’s a genius.  Thank you, Diana!  I tried all the looks for you; these are just quick swipes of colour, and no extra eyeliner was used.  The looks would really pop with the right liner. :)

Look #1

Look #1.  Apply the light green in the inner corners and along the inner third of the bottom lash line.  Using a firm eyeshadow brush, pat the purple on the lid.  Blend the dark green along the crease, and smudge along the outer two-thirds of the lower lash line.  Highlight the brow bone with the gold eyeshadow.

Look #2

Look #2.  Apply the light green all over the lid.  Blend the dark green along the crease.  Highlight with gold on the inner corner and the brow bone.  Apply a fat swipe of purple under the eyes for added drama.

Look #3

Look #3.  Apply the light green on the lid.  Blend the dark green in the crease and outer corner of lid.  Highlight with gold on the brow bone, and also smudge along the bottom lash line.  Apply the purple as a liner on the upper lash line, and wing out at the corner.

Look #4

Look #4. Apply the gold all over the lid.  Apply and blend the purple in the crease.  Apply the light green on the inner corner and run along inner third bottom lid.  Line the bottom two-thirds of the outer lash line with the dark green.

Look #5

Look #5.  Apply the purple all over the lid and along the bottom lash line.  Blend the dark green in the crease.  Highlight with the light green on the brow bone.  Highlight the inner corner with the gold, and dab down the centre of the lid.

Aren’t these looks just absolutely fabulous?  I love how you can take this palette from day to night; it is super versatile.  Which look do you like best?  I’m torn between #1 and #3; I can’t pick just one.

Diana Carreiro is a Toronto-based makeup and hair artist.  See some of her amazing work on and chat with her on Twitter @DianaCarreiro.

How Would You Wear This Palette?

Share your looks in the comments. :)

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  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    Love them all!

    • Arianne

      Thanks Tracy! I was really surprised at how many ways you can wear this palette. :)

  • Larie

    #3 is my favorite! 😀 I’m a sucker for winged liner, and that’s prolly the way I’d wear it :)

    • Arianne

      Love that one, too! The purple really pops when you apply it wet.

  • Delyteful Speaks

    Loving the 3rd look! Very creative what you’ve done here.. Great job!

    • Arianne

      Thanks Delyteful! The looks weren’t my ideas; it’s all Diana. :)

  • Beauty Reductionista

    All right, I’m starting to come around. This palette looks much more appealing now! Great looks!

    • Arianne

      Thanks, Liz! I finally think it’s a keeper, too!

  • Rae // theNotice

    I see you managed to get those five eye looks done, Arianne! Congrats – it’s a feat if I can manage ONE, much less five! 😛 They look awesome.

    (Saw your tweet last night; got distracted by food before I could reply. And before you ask, YES, this is a regular occurrence, and YES, it makes it hard to get anything useful done!)

    • Arianne

      I was just going to attempt one, but I thought the other four might get jealous. :) Thanks!

  • dani@callitbeauty

    love love LOOOVE all of them! gorgeous looks, arianne! are your eyes still feeling raw? :p

    • Arianne

      Surprisingly not! My eye cream is awesome, I guess. (Consonant Body’s, if you’re curious.) :)

  • marisol

    Holy cow! What an awesome post. This is going in my FOTD inspiration folder for sure.

    • Arianne

      Thanks Marisol! :) Would love to see how you do.

  • Macnunu

    Hullo gorgeous!
    I feel this ache in my heart….it’s telling me I want the eye palette!!

    • Arianne

      Hahaha wish it wasn’t so expensive. In fairness there is a lot of product in this palette.

  • Jen W

    Wow, I really love of them. Thanks so much for the EOTD ideas.

    How amazing do those colours look against your glowy bronzed skin!!?

    • Arianne

      Thanks, it is definitely a great late summer/early fall palette.

  • SilhouetteScreams

    So many smokey looks! I approve 😀

    • Arianne

      Thanks lady! :)

  • Danielle

    I love how you were able to wear a palette is so many different ways and still have the looks have their own feel and identity. I think this should be a challenge with every palette…try to take full advantage of the creative license and be artistic with it. Bravo! Every look is gorg!

    • Arianne

      Thanks Danielle! I’m not that happy with how looks 2 and 4 turned out, so I might try my hand at those again.

  • Diana

    While these may have only taken me 5 minutes to come up with, I can’t imagin how long it took you to actually do all five! BRAVO!

    #3 is my fav on your eyes but I would love to see you try #2 again but next time, start with a cream shadow in a neutral colour like Champagne (to make the colours more intense) then extendthe shadows at the outer corner. Pure drama! 😉

    Glad to help and thanks for suggestin’ this dim bulb might actually be a genius. 😉

    • Arianne

      Thanks again Diana. I agree about #2; I’ll definitely try your tip. :)

  • jamiila

    loving all the looks! You DO have great eyebrows!

    • Arianne

      Thanks so much. :)

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  • Dotti

    thanks for these awesome pics! love, love, love ALL the GORGEOUS looks, #1 is my fav! i wonder if the colours are suitable for me being blonde with greyish-blue-green eyes..what do you reckon? so in love with the palette.

    • Arianne

      Hi Dotti,
      Absolutely! The purple would be fantastic to create contrast with your eye colour. :)

      • Dotti

        THANK YOU, Arianne!!!!!!!! can’t wait to try your gorgeous looks with my palette!!!! :-)

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