Keep It or Toss It? Summer Skincare Edition.

Summer is a tricky season for one’s skin regimen. Cleansing becomes a big deal. You need to moisturize sensitive, possibly sun-damaged skin, but you don’t want to slap on anything too heavy. I’ve been trying a lot of new skincare lately, and it’s time again to talk about them!

Today I’m trying a new review format, called Keep It or Toss It?  It will feature 5 or more product reviews, and each review will be quick — only 5 sentences or less. Here we go!

Cleanser: Consonant Body Organic Foaming Face Wash* ($18). Keep it. This face wash takes off all non-waterproof makeup as well as my all-time favourite, Philosophy Purity Made Simple. It doesn’t make my skin tight or uncomfortable after cleansing. Unfortunately for me, my hand eczema reacts pretty badly to the foam, so I’ll pass it on to my sister.

Eye Cream: Origins Eye Doctor ($34). Toss it. I’m 24 and I have some fine lines under my eyes. Sure, this smells refreshing (like cucumbers). But, it’s expensive and it doesn’t do anything.

Eye Roller: Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller ($20). Keep it. I’m a big fan of eye rollers. Naturally, an eye roller that brightens my dark circles, to me, is a pretty good deal. This doesn’t conceal major under eye circles, but it’s great for that extra boost on top of your concealer. Turn around bright eyes.

Toner/Hydrosol: Pure + simple Organic Lavender Hydrosol* ($12.95 for 50ml). Toss it. There’s something about this hydrosol that just did not agree with my nose at all. It doesn’t smell like lavender, or at least the kind that I’m accustomed to. It smells like pee. So no, I’m not going to spray my face with what smells like toilet water. Instead, try Weleda Refining Toner.

Serum: Pure + simple Soothing Mimosa Emulsion* ($39.95 for 50ml). Keep it. This is a light, hydrating serum that I wear under my moisturizer. It is incredibly soothing and cooling on sensitive skin after a hot sweaty bike ride under the sun. Oilier skin types can wear probably wear it as their day moisturizer.

Moisturizer: Origins VitaZing SPF 15 (around $40 for 50ml). Toss it. I bought mine in CCO in Las Vegas for US$27. This moisturizer has garnered so much hype thanks to a YouTube guru, but I thought it’s just alright. It’s a very sheer illuminating tinted moisturizer; one shade only. I like the way this smells and looks on the skin, but I’m pretty sure it causes breakouts every time I use it. Next!

Sunscreen: Pure + simple SPF 30 For Sensitive Skin* ($25.95 for 100ml). Keep it (and buy in bulk when it goes on sale). This is an great mineral sunscreen (none of that -benzone junk!) to wear under makeup as it won’t turn you into a grease ball. German chamomile calms irritated skin. It goes on white, but you can minimize this by patting it on over a face oil (like Argan oil). Pure + simple SPF 30 for Oily/Impure Skin works as just well, and I prefer the scent of that one, too.

Night Cream: Weleda Iris Hydrating Night Cream* ($28 for 30ml). Keep it. I love this almost as much as my holy grail night cream, Martina Gebhardt Black Mud Cream. Both brands are German and all-natural, so I’m pretty sure every person in Germany has perfect skin. While not as greasy as the Black Mud cream — a greasiness I prefer in my night cream, actually — the Iris Night Cream is rich enough to give you perfectly hydrated, plump skin in the morning.

Your Turn!  What Summer Skincare Products Have Wowed Or Disappointed You Lately?

That was fun, eh? Have you tried any new skincare lately, or do you stick with what works?

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  • wow great post!!! i like reading through it bc it was so fast!! i should def do the same, i am having bad luck with origins too!!!! i usually only toss things if they make me break out, if they suck i try to just put it away and use it later =\ usually bc skin care is more $ than make up

    • Thanks! I enjoyed writing it. 🙂

      It’s awful, because I keep trying VitaZing maybe 2x a month and a pimple or two always pop up without fail. *shakes fist*

  • I’ve been wanting to try VitaZing for a while. Now I’m going to make sure to get a sample before buying. Thanks!

    Love the format on the quick review. More please!

    • Thanks Alisa! Glad you liked it. Sometimes I just get so overwhelmed by all the products I want to talk about, that I just need to spit it out quickly in one post, ya know?

      Re: VitaZing, my skin doesn’t usually break out, so yeah, try before you buy.

  • This was fun! One of these days I’ll try out Pure + Simple and Weleda. I’m determined to use up all my current skincare one way or another, so no, I’m not tossing anything. Whatever is bad for the face can work on my dirty crusty summer feet. 😀

    • Eek Liz, if something’s 5 years old in your stash I’m going to hit you! 😛

  • I hated Origins VitaZing too. It broke me out as well! I’ve tried to stop believing everything those YT gurus say now. The only ones I mainly trust are the Pixiwoo girls. But even with them, I have a little bit of skepticism. Just a little. 🙂

    • They are so convincing, those YT gurus! But we have to take into consideration that they are regular people too, who are just talking from personal experience (or are getting paid to say nice things…).

  • love this format!

    the Pure + simple SPF sounds amazing! i need to try that…

    • I love love love it Dani! I think you would love the one for Oily skin. You can shop them online. 🙂

  • Great post! Your reviews were great and to the point! I think I’m liking a lot of those “Pure + simple” products~ need to check those out for myself. 😀

    • Thanks Tiffany! I will still review many things in detail, but sometimes you can only say so much about a product. 🙂

  • I like this new type of post. I’ve been wanting to try the Origins VitaZing for the hype but haven’t gotten it. Probably won’t anymore.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Marisol. 🙂 VitaZing is alright if you don’t break out from it. Still though, there are other better things out there probably.

  • I don’t know how you kept each review so short and simple *bows to you*.
    I tried Origins Eye Doctor too & it’s so blaaah!

    • Hahaha thanks Ashley! It’s hard to throw away Eye Doctor even though I don’t use it anymore… still $15 worth of stuff left in mine LOL.

  • Great post! Can’t wait to read more of these! I’ve been very interested in VitaZing.. I have dry skin so I hope it doesn’t break me out! *fingers crossed*

    • Hey Kelly! If you have dry skin, this might not give enough moisture for you. You might need a separate moisturizer before you put on VitaZing.

  • I am actually really prone to breakouts but VitaZing didn’t seem to break me out…

    • Ohh good for you, Sarah! Do you like VitaZing then?

  • Love the new format – very easy to read. Also…thank you. I’m the same age as you with some fine lines and every time I notice them I’m like ._. I’m too young for this! Apparently not.

    • We’re definitely not too young for fine lines anymore, Larie! 🙁

  • Love this feature! I’ve been using the consonant face wash and I really like it. My friend has eczema on her hands and she’s the one that recommended it to me…weird!

    I love the garnier eye roller too! I don’t use it everyday as I’m more prone to puffy eyes than darkness but on those days I when I wake up and scare myself in the mirror I definitely reach for this 😛

    EEEKS – you’re 24!!! I feel so old :p I mean I KNEW you were WAY younger than me but then when I see the number I remember when I was that age and it was oh so long ago LOL!

    • I loved the original Garnier roller for puffiness only. It worked fantastic for me. 🙂

  • I’m very lukewarm about the Origins Vitazing. On the one hand I don’t love the texture much, I find it takes a while to settle into my skin and can feel a bit greasy at first. But I do like the coverage it gives, even if it’s extremely light. If I’m in a huge pinch and I HAVE to compress my makeup routine, I can use Vitazing, concealor on spots and under eyes, and powder on top to set, skipping foundation completely. But I’d only do that because I needed to, not because I want to…

    • So true, Kayleigh! That’s kinda how I feel too. It’s like half my usual SPF + moisturizer + teeny tiny coverage.

  • I agree on Vitazing. I got a sample before I bought it and it made me NOT buy it. I didn’t care for it. Also, the dark circle roller sees regular use in my rotation. It’s perfect for a no makeup day when I just want some light coverage under the eyes to brighten things up. 🙂 Love keep vs toss!

    • Oh good I’m not the only one! 🙂 You’re absolutely right. I’ve also tried putting the roller in the fridge first before putting it on. OMG heaven!

  • Love this format!

    I’ve been using the P&S oily sunscreen and am pretty happy with it. Have you tried the Algea serum? Just wondering your thoughts on that.

    I’m also trying the P&S lactic acid. Will report back.

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  • YES. I love the Lactic Acid.

    Ahem, here are my favourites:

    1) Pure and Simple Sunscreen — Sensitive (smells like coconuts. Love.)

    2) Pure and Simple Lactic Acid — Exfoliator extraordinare. My skin looks super now.

    3) Argan Oil — Only the 100% stuff

    4) Korres White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser

    That’s it 🙂

    • I must try the Korres cleanser. Is it foaming? My eczema hates most cleansers.

  • I really love this segment! I know what and what not to buy and I’m’m actually very glad you use high end and low end products with a mid-range price! (:

    • Thanks Arielle! 🙂 Glad it’s helpful.

  • I giggled at “Turn around bright eyes.”

    And, I love this format. It was a fun way to see lots of products at once.

    • Hahaha no one else seems to get it. 🙁 Love everyone’s feedback for “Keep It or Toss It.” It will definitely be sticking around.

  • Kay

    I love the pure and simple sunscreen. It took a bit of learning curve to apply it deep into the skin but no more white blotchy skin and I’m very happy with it!!

    I like weleda as well. I have their regular moisturizering cream in the same purple color.. love it!! My DD4 loves it as well.

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  • Clarissa

    I’m currently using proactiv, will switching to all natural products right away be fine? I’ve been using proactiv for two months with no improvement. I used it a couple years back for a year and there was an improvement but it caused horrible acne scars.. What do you think?

  • Hi there! Cute photos! Where do you get Weleda Iris Hydrating Night Cream? I am loving the colors on the packaging and need an alternative night cream to my Cream De La Mer and this looks pretty good. My skin is normally oily, but now it is getting drier and drier as winter comes along and I’m using a bit of Differin.

    • Hi Jane! Whole Foods or any health food stores will have Weleda. 🙂

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