Around the Internetz: The I’m-All-Over-The-Place-This-Week Edition.

Usually my link round ups are purely beauty related. This week, my scatterbrained self is bringing you links from the beauty blogosphere, cat lady world, and other awesome random things on the web. 🙂

Source: My Funny Valentine

Jenny shows us a look inspired from Chanel Couture 2011 runway. I’m also slightly (just slightly!) jealous of her shiny black hair. [My Funny Valentine]

My love for Tarte is not a secret, and Danielle makes me fall harder as she shows the Tarte 8th World Wonder: 2nd Edition from QVC. So beautiful! [Bloomin’ Beauty]

This review of Burberry Midnight Brown eyeshadow had me one step closer to the Burberry counter. When will I finally have the guts to get addicted to yet another high end brand? [Café Makeup]

This month, my favourite web series ever started its third and final season. It’s a story about a boy and a girl, and it is very realistic. Each episode is only around 5 minutes, so you can still catch up, you know! [Casual: The Series]

My inner cat lady is thinking “this is the best blog post EVER!” I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my life. [The Bloggess]

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  • Thanks for the love!

  • Danielle

    Thanks so much for including me dear 😉 mwah!!!

  • My blog is a little scatterbrained sometimes too…and I’m a dog person. It must be a Sunday thing! I’m jealous of the glossy raven wing black hair too! Cheers, Xenia Xo