Summer Must-Have: Vasanti Micronized Silky Blush in Andes.

Now that summer is in full swing (yay!), my makeup regimen is simpler.  On most days I ditch the eye makeup (save for mascara) altogether.  Instead of putting the emphasis on the eyes, I like to play up the golden tan I get during these hot sunny months.  My bronzer gets a lot of face time (literally) and so does Vasanti Micronized Silky Blush in Andes ($15).

Vasanti Micronized Silky Blush in Andes

Andes is a gorgeous shimmery apricot blush.  It’ll wear nicely on the lightest of skin tones as well as beauties with deeper skin.  If you have a problem with overpacking on your summer vacation — and who doesn’t? — this is a good one to stash in your bag.  It’ll be your blush and bronzer in one. 🙂

Vasanti Micronized Silky Blush in Andes

Just like their eyeshadow, Vasanti’s blush is silky smooth and finely milled.  It adds a nice radiance to the skin instead of imparting a sparkly mess.  It’s the same size (3.2 g / 11 oz) and price as the eyeshadow as well.  If you have a lot of pink in your skin, don’t be scared of this colour; you might be pleasantly surprised.  The neutral tones in this blush counteracts the orange, but it’s not too dark that it’ll look dirty on your skin.  If you’re new to blush, this is also a good starter blush to avoid getting that clown-y feeling. 😛

Vasanti Micronized Silky Blush in Andes Swatches (day light without flash / with flash)

Wearing Vasanti Micronized Silky Blush in Andes

Do You Simplify Your Makeup Regimen in the Summer?

In this week alone, I noticed that I only wore 6 products on average: powder foundation, concealer, bronzer, mascara, brows, lipstick. That’s pretty low maintenance for me! I think one of the reasons is that I’d rather be outside than spend time getting ready inside. Are you with me? 🙂

How about you? Do you simplify your makeup when it’s hot outside?

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  • I love your eye makeup, and your lip color! It all pulls together for a gorgeous fotd 😀 What eye shadow is that? Or liner, or whatever it is 😀

    And I am fairly low maintenance to begin with (tinted moisturizer, eye shadow + liner, bronzer/blush, lip balm), but I do feel compelled to tone down the colors and just rush out the door in the summer 😀

    • Hey Larie! 🙂 I’m wearing MAC Undercurrent Pearlglide along the lash line, and MAC Swimming eyeshadow all over the lid and lash line. 🙂

      Hahaha I totally feel you there!

  • Ooh what a great colour on you! I’m so used to blushes being pink but this coral/orange looks so nice!

    • Really? I’m a big coral/peach blush fan, and think it’ll suit you well, too! 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of this brand before…? It looks so pretty on you though – I love blush/bronzer hybrid type of products. Loving your hair too 😀

  • I can’t say I SIMPLIFY my makeup routine because I’ve just gotten started beauty blogging and don’t know what my routine is. But I noticed that I made a switch to some trendier colors for the summer – something about not being in school makes me feel braver.

    • YAY! Good for you for being braver. 🙂 We like brave colours around here.

  • Hey, that looks kind of orange which I LOVE! It looks great on you! I’ve never tried Vasanti Blush-can you believe it? I’ll be looking at them now!
    I’m with on using less in the summer. I’ve been using self tanner on my face and that ends up in not needing much foundation at all. And I also just go for a coloured eyeliner and not much eyeshadow too.

    • Really? Tracy, you have to! Their powder shadows and blushes are really lovely!

      Oh, and not to mention their USA matte lipstick. Only the best red evah.

  • Pretty! Lately I’ve been into just using a bit of bronzer as blush for a low maintenance look and this gives a similar effect on you imo 🙂

    • Mmhmm on most days that is what I do, too! 🙂 It’s a great look.

  • I love the sleek packaging. Never tried Vasanti before, but you’ve got me curious.

    I thought the blush would be more of a bronzer but it looks SO good on your cheeks. glowy and healthy.

    • You’d love Vasanti, Jen!

  • Man, no one does FOTD better than you. I’d totally let you do my makeup (and fix up my weird one hooded eye business)!

    • Sure, anytime Liz! 😉 And thanks!