Mermaid Colours with MAC Swimming Eyeshadow.

MAC eyeshadow in Swimming is my most recent acquisition, and it has quickly become a must-have.  I really think it’s a hidden gem in MAC’s permanent line.  It’s a gorgeous shimmery sea green that pairs perfectly with blues, teals, golds and purples.  I couldn’t wait to show off this beautiful colour, so today I bring you this face of the day.  My inspiration is this Fantasea Girl look from Sephora a few years ago.  Instead of copying the entire look (which is totally fab by the way), I wanted to make it more wearable by not bringing the colours all the way up to the brows.  It’s a fun way to do colour for a summer weekend. :)  Read on to learn how to get the look.

Swatches (from left): Auraline Bright Violet, Sassy Minerals Off Kilter, MAC Swimming, Annabelle Blu-Ray, MAC Soft Brown, Urban Decay Sin

Get the Look

For the eyes, start by patting down a purple eyeshadow (Auraline Bright Violet) on the inner third of the lid going a little bit past the crease, and the inner third of the lower lash line.  Layer a glittery lavender pigment (Sassy Minerals Off Kilter) on top of the cream eyeshadow.  Next, apply a shimmery sea green (MAC Swimming) from the outer two-thirds of the lid all the way up past the crease.  Apply the same green eyeshadow along the outer two-thirds of the lower lash line.  Next, apply a thick line of a matte navy blue (Annabelle Blu-ray) along the outer half of the upper and lower lash lines.  Blend a warm medium matte brown (MAC Soft Brown) above the crease to add warmth and depth.  Highlight the brow bone with a shimmery champagne (Urban Decay Sin), as well as the inner corner of the eyes to brighten.

Line the lower waterline with a teal liner (MAC Undercurrent).  Smudge the same teal liner on the outer two-thirds of the upper lash line.  Apply mascara (Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill) on the upper and lower lashes.  Add a pair of gigantic lashes (Illamasqua No. 23) to finish off the eyes.

For the cheeks, bronze all over the high points of the face with a peachy bronze (Dior Aurora).  Then, apply a matte pink (Tarte Dollface) high on the cheekbones, making a ‘C’ shape around the outside of the eyes to make them pop.

For the lips, apply a coral lipstick (MAC Crosswires) to complement the summery look, and top off with a shimmery gloss (Chanel Maline).

Keep reading to see more pictures!

More Pictures!

And a couple more without the lashes for you normal folks. 😉

I’m a Little Late Getting on the Green Eyeshadow Train.

How gorgeous is green eyeshadow against brown eyes? I don’t usually wear green eyeshadow, but I think I’ll do it more often now. :)  What are your favourite greens?

  • JC

    Wow, what a gorgeous look. You did an amazing job with everything, the lashes are a nice touch too. Gorgeous lipstick and eyeshadow.

    • Arianne

      Thanks JC! Will you try it? :)

  • Tracy@BeautyReflections

    You did an AMAZING job!!! I love it! So fun for summer. Those lashes are incredible. Love Crosswires-I just got it last week and think it’s perfect for summer.
    I love green too, but don’t wear it often. I tend to wear more olive greens when I do.
    Beautiful Arianne! Or shall we call you Ariel now? :)

    • Arianne

      Ariel is my real name. I just go by Arianne to hide my real identity.

      Isn’t Crosswires great? It was my first “bright” lipstick, way before Impassioned and Lady Danger. Such a great summer lipstick.

  • lilladylife

    Amazing colors use, and those lashes are so wispy, looks like a true fairy tale come to life, amazing job!!! Def mermaid colors!!

    • Arianne

      Thanks so much! The lashes look amazing, but they are crazy heavy though.

  • Remington Red Chair

    Agreed. Blog comments DO rock! :)

    Also, loving this look. Could see using the “Off Kilter” to give my green eyes a pop – and Sin looks like it has potential as an every day subtle dose of shimmer. Love that these *do* shimmer without getting junior high sparkly. Lovely!

    • Arianne

      Thanks for your comment! :)

      I highly recommend Off Kilter or any other Sassy Minerals pigments. They are amazing if you want a little sparkle in your makeup. Sin is a great champagne highlight for the brow bone.

  • Soha

    Gorgeous combo of colours! Your blending is unreal. And the lashes are so fabulous!

    • Arianne

      Thanks Soha! I love love love Undercurrent with Swimming. Such a great tip; thanks again!

  • amelia

    Those lashes look amazing!! Beautiful:))


    • Arianne

      Thanks Amelia!

  • Larie

    Gorgeous look, Arianne! The lips really make the whole look, though, I think 😀 And green shadows are my favorite, too 😀 Well, greens, and oranges.

    • Arianne

      Thanks Larie! I do like the lips. Do you own Crosswires?

  • lyn

    This look is absolutely gorgeous on you! Love the lippie too!

    • Arianne

      Thank you!

  • ElaineA

    Ahhhh so cool Arianne!! I still can’t do fake lashes LOL – you amaze me!

    • Arianne

      Baby steps, Elaine. You can do half lashes though, right?

  • Beauty Reductionista

    Gosh, that’s pretty! Those falsies are killer. Why don’t we have Illmasqua in Canada?!?

    • Arianne

      I don’t know! I’ve swatched Illamasqua blushes before, and they are amazingly smooth. So I don’t understand why I didn’t buy one. :( Stupid me.

  • Janny

    what a lovely way to make color wearable!

    • Arianne

      Thanks Janny!

  • dani@callitbeauty

    beyond stunning! 😀

    • Arianne

      Thanks Dani! I can see you working this look, too. :)

  • http://Website Danielle

    I love this look! Those lashes are beyond cool! You’ve inspired me to bust out Crosswires again, that shade really suits you!

    • Arianne

      Crosswires is a great summer lipstick. :) Go forth and wear it!

  • Ashley

    The lashes match the mermaid theme so well but…
    there needs to be more glitter!!!

    • Arianne

      LOL Ashley, you know how I feel about glitter. You can never have enough! But I wasn’t about to go grocery shopping with glitter all over, haha! Also I thought that I’d put the lashes front and centre, instead of adding more to the look.

  • Eileen

    This looks fantastic! I love the lashes you used, and you did an amazing job!

    • Arianne

      Thank you, Eileen!

  • SilhouetteScreams

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE the purple, the lashes, and the lip colour! I totally want to recreate that promo image now, but put my own spin on it :3

    • Arianne

      I would just die to see your spin on it. Come back and let me know how it goes, okay?

  • Shivani

    I wore Crosswires today 😛
    Lovely look. Really makes you feel that summer is here :)

    • Arianne

      Isn’t it an amazing lipstick? Perfect for summer. :)

  • Alice

    This looks AMAZING, and I love those eyelashes!

    • Arianne

      Thank you Alice! I wish I had access to the rest of Illamasqua. It’s so fun!

  • Remington Red Chair

    Will absolutely check out Sin. I am always on the prowl for a little neutral, subtle shimmer to add to my (inappropriately huge, but oh-so-lovely) makeup collection. Thanks for the suggestion!

    ps: would love for you to join our FB community and add your insight, expertise, tips and tricks to the community conversation. We’re all about style, beauty and all things girly. You’d fit RIGHT in! :)

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