MAC Lady Danger Lipstick: Sometimes It’s Good To Be Bad.

It happened again guys! Last Friday, I went to the MAC Pro store to look for new goodies to bring home.  “I’m not going to buy a lipstick this time,” I said out loud.  Polish Fiend was there; she heard me.

It was all going according to plan, but then Lady Danger ($17.50) followed me home.  It really did.

MAC Lady Danger Lipstick

Lady Danger is a matte bright coral red.  It has just enough orange in it to make it modern and on trend this season.  This lipstick has been on my wish list for a really long time, and I’m glad it’s over.  This is the kind of lipstick you wear when you’re looking for trouble.  I’d wear this for a special occasion, or on days when I’m feeling extra sassy.  Do you have those days, too?  Careful though; this one’s a jaw dropper.  Want proof?  Exhibit A: my slack-jawed kitteh.

“Wow mommy!”

This is my first matte lipstick from MAC, and it’s a good one.  The colour goes on completely opaque with just a single swipe.  Within the first couple of hours, Lady Danger wears comfortably on my lips (similar to the Joe Fresh matte lipstick), but it does wear drier as the day goes on.  I suggest putting on a good lip balm in between touch ups to keep your lips in good shape.

A lipstick colour like this deserves to be the centre of attention, so keep everything else soft and subdued.  Here are some tips on how to pull off the look.

Here is a swatch of Lady Danger without lip liner (it doesn’t really need one as it doesn’t slide around on the lips).

MAC Lady Danger Swatch

Wearing MAC Lady Danger

What’s Your Bad Girl Lipstick?

We all have one; the one that gives you an extra boost of confidence whenever you wear it? You already know mine, so share yours in the comments, will ya?

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  • First of all, your hair is so cute, Arianne!!!

    And that lipstick is killer on you. I don’t have a bad girl lipstick. Yet. Hahaha.

    • Thanks, Larie! It was a dirty/good hair day. Haha!

      May I suggest Lady Danger for your bad girl lipstick? 😉

  • JC

    Your hair and lipstick are cute! And LMFAO at your cat’s expression.

    • Thanks!

      I’ll be honest, she wasn’t actually slack-jawed. I caught her mid-yawn. LOL! Such a funny face.

  • Oh my, I LOVE that colour. I’m going to buy it tomorrow. Great find 🙂

    • Oh yay! I know it’ll look good on you; it does on everyone! Enjoy it. 🙂

  • Ps. My bad girl lipstick, Russian Red!

    • Oooh good one! I love a good red lipstick.

  • x3 I love catching my cats mid-yawn. They make the most hilarious expressions. Sigh, poor you in the mac store wanting to restrain yourself. You never had a chance! I quite like this color and it’s going on my shopping list.

    • I know. I never did have a chance. *hangs head in shame*

      Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It’s such a great lipstick.

  • lawdy, that is gorgeous! it looks fantastic on you, arianne :).

    • Isn’t it the best colour, EVAH?

  • I love this lipstick on you. Most of my lipsticks are dark ad vampy and give me an extra boost of confidence, so I’m having a hard time picking just one…

    • It’s okay, I don’t expect you to pick just one. No way! 🙂

  • Wow! Looks amazing! 😀

    • It’s so bright, eh? Even I feel a *little* uncomfortable, but it’s the good kind of uncomfortable.

  • Bug

    Man you look AMAZING in bright colours! I love this colour on you!

    It reminds me of NARS Heatwave with the mix of red and orange. Thanks for creating yet another lemming 😀

    • I really have to check out NARS Heatwave! You’re welcome, I guess! 😉

  • Lady Danger looks freakin’ AMAZING on you!! I love how you did the rest of your makeup with it too…just simple eyes, flawless skin, and crazy awesome lips!

    • It’s the only way to wear Lady Danger! Unless you’re a drag queen. 😉

  • Rae

    Arianne, HOW ARE YOU REAL.

    Seriously, this looks absolutely phenomenal on you! I’m actually starting to think that you’re a figment of our collective imagination, brought fourth by cute lipsticks and pretty photographs.

    • LOL Rae! It’s all because of you. I look better because I used the Dodge tool to get rid of under eye shadows. Worked well, eh? Also, the sexy lipstick photo is shot against my new infinity box. I love it!

      • Rae

        Haha, I’ve created a monster! A very attractive monster, that is, with the superpower of having *phenomenal* taste. 😛

  • Lady Danger looks gorgeous on you. <3

  • ohhh you’re right, that is one sexy lipstick! And the product shot is sexy too xD I really don’t think I would ever be able to pull off a shade this bright, but you are really working Lady Danger! My bad girl lippie is Ellis Red 🙂

    • Mmmm Ellis Red is so beautiful!

  • YOU.LOOK.AWESOME! Lady Danger has been on my wishlist for ages too, I think I’ll finally pick it up for my birthday next month when I do a massive haul 🙂

    • Yay! A birthday is the best excuse for a big haul! Glad Lady Danger will be a part of it.

  • I’ve said it before Arianne and I’ll say it again, those lips were MADE for lipstick! I love love love it, I love the whole look you’ve got going oooon too!

  • As soon as I saw the picture of you wearing this lipstick I thought of that song by Electric Six – DANGER DANGER! HIGH VOLTAGE! Haha.

    My bad girl lipstick is MAC’s Diva, also a matte. I’ve been told it makes me look scary and evil which is why I will forever cherish it. Muhahaha!

    • I don’t know that song! But it sounds perfect!

      Gosh Diva is a great one. Love that colour.

  • I would have been disappointed if you left our shopping trip WITHOUT a fab lipstick! It was a perfect colour for you.

    • Oh good, because I didn’t ever wanna disappoint you, I got this lipstick. It’s true. 😉

  • That looks FIERCE!!! Love it!

  • I need this! My bad girl lipstick is usually GAT or OCC Anime! I feel so bad ass when I wear them 🙂

    • Nice picks! I totally want OCC Anime as well. Next IMATS it shall be mine!

  • This is one of my favorites! I love orangey reds (:

    • What are other favourites of yours Eileen? 🙂

  • I just bought this lippie too and I love it. It looks great on you

    • Oh really? I’m sure it looks AH-MAZING on you!

  • Wow! This looks amazing on you!

    I don’t have a bad girl lipstick colour. I only have that Joe Fresh one that is fairly neutral even though I thought it would be “bold”. LOL.

    • LOL Frugirl, let me know when you’re off your spending ban, okay?!

  • Such a fabulous color, Arianne 🙂 I have had my eye on it for a long time now and your post is only an indication that I need to make a trip to MAC asap and pick this up. My favorite bad girl lipstick, well it is rather a gloss is, MAC Russian Red. I used to wear it to school 😛

    • Nice, Shivani! Great gloss pick. 🙂

  • taylor

    I LOVE Lady Danger. It’s one of my favorite day to night lipstick shades, along with MAC’s Heartless and Violets.

    I suppose its hard for me to have a bad girl lipstick as I almost always wear fairly intense colors, but I suppose id say Lime Crime’s No She Didn’t which is a creamy sky blue- not for the faint of heart!

    • Heartless and Violets? Why have I never heard of those? Must investigate. 🙂

  • Lady Danger looks AMAZING on you! It’s such a bright, clean red.

    My bad girl lipstick isn’t a lipstick per se; it’s an orange MUFE lip liner topped with Illamasqua Temper lipgloss – makes for a totally bright, bold, in-your-face orange lip that I adore! 🙂

    • Thank you Candace! Oh baby we love orange lips here. Way to go for rocking such a bright shade!

  • Gorgeous! I, unfortunately, look terrible in bold lip colours. I have a super round, youthful face, with plump, but very horizontally-thin lips (lips width = nose width!) and any sort of boldness on my lips makes me look like I’ve gone digging on Mommy’s stash. Not fun~!

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  • Joy

    I LOVE it on you! Ok must get now. LOL

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