Hello! Notice Anything Different?

This is a game I play with my boyfriend all the time.  Boys don’t usually notice when I had something done or did my hair / makeup differently.  Can you spot the difference?

Before (The kick-ass lipstick is Joe Fresh Fuchsia, BTW)


I got highlights for the summer! :)  I’ve been thinking about getting them ever since the weather got nice here in Toronto.  I showed this photo of the beautiful Rashida Jones (girl crush alert!!!) to my hair stylist:

I love how sun-kissed and natural my highlights turned out.  Oh, and my lovely hair stylist is Melissa on Have Some Tea, Look Fabulous.  She is one of the talented ladies from LIFT Beauty Boutique.  If you’re in Toronto and are looking for a fabulous hair stylist, Melissa is your girl!  Besides hair styling, she is also a talented musician, so she usually has some awesome chill tunes playing while you get your hair done.  Give her a try, and if you do, tell her I sent you! :)

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  • http://sudobeautify.com Eden-Avalon

    You got highliiiiiiiiiiights! 8D I totally noticed. Did your boyfriend? Haha. They look great.

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca Arianne

      Hahaha thanks! My boyfriend did notice, yes!

  • http://www.makeupdiary.org/ JC

    I love the highlights! It brings so much more warmth to your overall appearance.

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca Arianne

      Mmhmm exactly what I was thinking as well. :) Thanks!

  • http://boldnbeautifulmakeup.blogspot.com Janella

    very pretty hair! its summery and suits you well

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca Arianne

      Thanks Janella. :)

  • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com/ Larie

    I love it! It really brightens up your face and looks so summery!

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca Arianne

      Totally summery, eh? I hope summer doesn’t ruin them LOL.

  • http://www.socialitedreams.com vonnie

    i love that lipcolor in the before shot….great hair in the after

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca Arianne

      Thanks Vonnie. :) I wanted to curl it to give it that summery feeling.

  • http://www.lipstickrules.com Michelle (Lipstickrules)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! You look hawt! Might have to pay a visit to Melissa now 😉

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca Arianne

      Do it! She’s so much fun. And her little boy is adorable.

  • http://www.beauty-reflections.com Tracy@BeautyReflections

    You look gorgeous! Even more mermaid-y. 😉

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca Arianne

      Should I go and get my name change for real? 😉

  • http://www.hautehedgehog.wordpress.com Jayme

    I really like the highlights, i like how they are subtle and apear as if they could of been made naturaly rather than from a bottle

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca Arianne

      Mmmhmm they are perfect. :)

  • http://thenotice.net Rae

    Eee! I love the hilights – absolute perfection for the summer :) And the bangs! I always love your hair with bangs ^.^

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca Arianne

      Thanks, Rae! The bangs are actually the same bangs I had in the Spring… except they are long enough now to push to the side. :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/sohaes Soha

    You look great!! The highlights are so subtle yet the difference is noticeable between the two photos. Also, bangs TOTALLY suit you. And red lipstick. Okay, I think I just really want your face to be mine right now.

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca Arianne

      Thanks Soha! My hair is actually much lighter than the photo is showing. I almost want to take another photo outside to show how light it is, but still natural. :)

  • http://beautyreductionista.blogspot.com/ Beauty Reductionista

    You look amazing!!! I can’t wait to see it in person tomorrow! 😀

  • http://callitbeauty.blogspot.com/ dani@callitbeauty

    love it! i’ve been toying with the idea of getting highlights these past few months… i’m getting tired of the plain old brown/black :p.

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca Arianne

      Oh I know, tell me about it Dani! Although, I really think that there’s nothing more striking than shiny brown/black hair.

  • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

    Awwh your new hair is so soft and pretty :3 and loooove that lipstick too!

  • http://www.torontobeautyreviews.com Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

    Love it!!! You look so hot Arianne, even more than usual!!!!

  • http://Website Evie

    Nice! Keep the highlights! It’s much softer and makes you look younger.

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca Arianne

      Thanks Evie! It’ll be on for at least the summer. :)

  • http://www.beautyscribbler.com Beauty Scribbler

    I love the highlights! They look really natural and sunkissed!

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca Arianne

      Thanks! I was looking at your old highlights photos for inspiration. :)

  • http://www.makeupbydonnamarie.blogspot.com Donna Marie

    Oooh Arianne…LOVE it! You look all nice and glowy! I’m tempted now but don’t hesitant to do anything to my born again virgin hair. Hehe.

  • http://www.myfunnyvalentineblog.com Jen W

    You hair looks gorgeous with the highlights, and just generally fabulous and bouncy even before them. So jealous.

  • http://jillojello.blogspot.com Jill-o

    This looks fantastic on you. I love the sweepy bangs and highlights, so nice.