The Ultimate Natural Multi-Tasker: Pure + Simple Pure Foundation.

It’s no secret that I’m a liquid foundation kinda gal, but there are days when lazy happens. 😛  On these days, I can’t be bothered to put on several products just to even out my complexion.  Even though I’m meticulous about my eye makeup, I prefer my skin regimen to be quick and easy.  That’s where powder foundation comes in.  It’s my foundation and setting powder in one, and the one that I’ve been using lately is Pure + Simple Pure Foundation in Marzipan ($39.95/compact and $29.95/refill in all Pure + Simple spa locations and online).

Ingredients: Mica, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Wax, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Fractionated coconut oil), Olea Europaea Fruit (Organic Olive) Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Organic Jojoba) Seed Oil, Zinc Stearate, Zinc Oxide, Tochopherol (Vit. E). May contain: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides.

Pure + Simple Pure Foundation

Pure + Simple Pure Foundation

I have it in the old refillable plastic packaging.  Now they are actually housed in an adorable refillable cardboard packaging:

To use it, I swipe the compact with my elf kabuki brush, then I buff it in using circular motions all over my face. On areas where I have redness, I go back with a sponge to get more coverage. This foundation gives me coverage that I’m comfortable with (sheer-to-medium coverage).  You can definitely get a lot more coverage with a sponge, but I find that it can get powdery when you layer more. A light dusting with a fluffy brush gives an even matte, fresh look.

No foundation (left) / Wearing Pure + Simple Pure Foundation (right)

I like my foundation to look like skin.  When I’m in a hurry I just brush this on and go, but on most days I spritz it with a setting spray like MAC Fix+ for a less matte and more natural finish.

Wearing P+S Foundation only / Wearing P+S Foundation and MAC Fix+

I really like this foundation because it feels weightless and looks very natural, which are my top two reasons why I would stick with any foundation.  It’s great for normal-to-oily skin as it helps keep the oilies down to a minimum.  The colour lasts an entire work day on my face, but it certainly doesn’t look as fresh.  I’d say it holds up for about 6 hours before needing a touch up.

Pure + Simple Pure Foundation also provides the added benefits of natural sunblock with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide.  With the hot Toronto sun we’ll be getting this summer, I’m glad to know that my makeup is working double time by making me look good, and keeping me covered.  Gotta love that! 🙂

What’s Your Preferred Foundation Formula?

Are you a liquid, cream, or powder foundation kinda guy/gal? I still like liquid for my special occasion face, but for everyday I like a sheer tinted moisturizer or powder to even out my skin.

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  • I’m a liquid foundation kind of gal. Right now I am using Nars Sheet Glow although right now I am trying MUFE Face & Body. Not sure how I feel about it yet though.

    I wish I could get away with a simple tinted moisturizer.

    • Oh I love love love the finish of NARS Sheer Glow. I tried a sample in Sephora and have yet to fork over money for an entire bottle. Like 99% of the makeup wearing world’s population, I like Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer. It has more coverage than the regular moisturizer. Maybe you’ll like that?

  • I used to be a powder girl (Clinique), but now I’m definitely a liquid foundation user! I go through different ones…usually Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau, and most recently, Dior’s tinted moisturizer!

    • Oooh Guerlain! Dior! I want! 🙂 How do you like the Dior TM?

  • Definitely a liquid girl, lately loving BB creams, or my Kiehl’s Tinted Moisturizer. If I use powder, I’ll use my MAC MSF Natural.

    P.S. You have AMAZING skin without any makeup on! It’s beautiful!

    • Ha thanks Tracy! I chalk it up to good genes, but my skin has been having issues here actually. Lots of spots and my pores are congested on my nose. But, overall, can’t complain. 🙂

      Oh, I also love MAC MSF Natural!

  • It looks like it has given your face such lovely warmth and it looks so natural..

    • It really does look natural, Delyteful. Thanks!

  • I’m definitely a liquid foundation gal!! Mostly because it’s what I’m familiar with, I’d be open to other types if I knew I’d get the finish and coverage I was looking for.

    • What liquid foundation do you use now, Kayleigh?

  • Girl, your skin looks really good already without any foundation! I’m a liquid foundation girl for special events, but on an everyday basis I like to use translucent powder on my t-zone b/c it’s just so quick and easy.

  • how gorgeous is your skin? seriously, you don’t even need foundation! 😀

    • I need foundation, promise! My camera makes my skin look better. But yeah, mostly clear, thank god!

  • You have really nice skin 🙂

    I am more of a liquid foundation kind of girl because powder can look quite cakey on me, especially around my oily spots (combination skin is weird). I’m currently alternating between MAC Studio Fix Fluid and Studio Sculpt. I keep MAC Studio Fix powder in my travel bag as it’s great for applying when I land at my destination. I grudgingly remove all trace of makeup after takeoff as I have sensitive skin. So that’s one of the rare times that I use powder foundation.

    I’d kill for a whole range of foundations to play around with everyday, but unfortunately that is not possible as it’s quite difficult to find foundation shades (NW43) for me in Scandinavia.

    • Thanks Fieran.

      How do you like the coverage of Studio Fix and Studio Sculpt? Are they on the heavier side? I’ve tried a sample of the Pro Longwear foundation and I found it to be heavier than I’m used to.

      • Pro Longwear did not work for me – it was too dark (I’m NW43.. Pro Longwear only comes in NW40 or 45…45 was way too dark on me).

        Studio Fix is quite nice as it is oil free. It does hold up quite well with my Laura Mercier oil free primer. Studio Sculpt is a bit of a diva – I have to apply the right amount otherwise it looks too heavy on me. I like it because it blends into a shade that is more natural than Studio Fix Fluid…but it does melt after 4 hours or so despite having a primer so I touch up with Blot Powder and Studio Careblend Pressed Powder. Ahh the mystery that is my face 🙂

        • Just realized I didn’t talk about coverage. Hah! 🙂

          Well, I have a lot of acne scars an some uneven skin tone so I do require a bit of coverage. I can get away with foundation and no concealer on my good skin days. You can see some of my scars but it is not that bad. I do pat on some Pro Longwear concealer or Select Cover Up concealer on my spotty parts :/

  • dani@callitbeauty:

    how gorgeous is your skin? seriously, you don’t even need foundation!

    Arianne, i totally agree with Dani, congrats!

  • You look great even without foundation.

    My shopping ban is going to get difficult if you keep posting such great products….

    Would you recommend this over the Bare Escentual Matte powder?

    • Definitely recommend this for a great mattifying product. I would pick this over Bare Escentuals because it’s more clumsy person friendly. 🙂

  • I like liquid during the winter and for when I really want to feel polished, but lately I’ve been using a powder, too (Estee Lauder’s Stay-in-Place powder, which is nice!). Powders are so foolproof, it’s great 😀 I have to try the MAC Fix+ combo…though I do often like the matte, glowy effect of powders on their own. This one looks lovely!