Special Event Makeup: Smokey Cat Eyes FOTD.

It’s almost June, and you probably know someone getting married in the next month or two.  If you’re looking for inspiration on how to do your makeup, here’s a look that I wore to a wedding last weekend.  It’s enough to make your eyes pop without wearing making the eyes too heavy.  The emphasis is on the smokey eye liner and the shape. 🙂  I loved wearing this look, and it’s something that I’ll probably wear over and over again.

Swatches (from left): MAC All That Glitters, MAC Arena, MAC Soft Brown, MAC Coquette, MAC Brun, Chanel Black Pearl

Get the Look

For the eyes, shade in the lid with a shimmery beige (MAC All That Glitters) and top off with a low shimmer peach (MAC Arena).  Mix the shimmery beige (MAC All That Glitters) and peach (MAC Arena) to highlight the inner corner and inner half of the lower lash line.  Highlight the brow bone with a shimmery champagne (Urban Decay Sin).  Lightly contour the crease with a matte warm brown (MAC Soft Brown).  Apply a matte medium taupe (MAC Coquette) to the outer corner to define the eye further.

Using a smudger brush, take a dark cool brown (MAC Brun) and smudge along the upper lash line and wing out on the outer corner.  This creates a guide for the black eyeliner liner.  Then, smudge using a creamy black liner (Giorgio Armani Waterproof Liner) over the cool brown to deepen it.  Apply the black liner to the outer third of the lower lash line.  Smudge and drag the liner to the middle, while making sure that the line tapers off at the middle.  Line the top and bottom waterlines.  Go over the black lines with a shimmery charcoal (Chanel Black Pearl from Ombres Perlées Palette).    Apply mascara (Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill).  Optional, apply half false lashes to the outer corner (Ardell 120 Demi — cut in half; I used the shorter half because I have short lashes).

For the cheeks, dust a peachy bronzer (Dior Aurora Bronzer) over the high points of the face.

For the lips, apply a creamy nude lipstick (Vasanti Luxembourg).

Keep reading to see more pictures!

More Pictures!

Too Old To Party?!

My dear readers, how was your weekend?  Mine was non-stop fun.  From a Boyz II Men concert, to wine tasting, to an Indian wedding, I am totally pooped!  It was fun though, but I’m starting to think that I’m getting too old to party. 😀

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  • you look GORGEOUS 🙂

  • Very pretty! I love the pics you take 🙂 You’re an awesome photographer!

    • Thanks Kelly. It’s all in the camera. 😉

  • Loves it! I think I would’ve personally worn more color on my lips, though – nude lips just don’t suit me for some reason. Also, when I read the first sentence, I thought it said, “It’s almost June, and you probably know I’m getting married in the next month or two,” and I was like, No, I didn’t know?! Then I thought it was weird that you didn’t know if you were getting married in the next month…or two. Then I re-read it and it all made sense, lol!

    • LOL, Tiffany! You’re so silly!

      Actually I agree with you on the lips. I think it could’ve been more rosy, or at least I could’ve worn some gloss. I was rushing though, so a quick swipe of lipstick was all I could do. I also do minimal lips when I’m out with my boyfriend because he hates the glossy / bright lip look. I appreciate the feedback! 🙂

  • that chanel black pearl is HEAVEN

    • Haha, Vonnie, I concur! It may or may not be the reason why I bought the palette. 😉

  • Your makeup is flawless, as always, but I reallllly love your hair!!!

    • Thanks, Larie! I actually planned on wearing the hair up after I curled it, but it didn’t work out. So this is what I call lazy flat iron curls, ha! 🙂

  • That looks great! I love that it is still smokey, but understated at the same time. I’ll for sure be giving it a try!

    • Let me know how you make out, Bailey. 🙂

  • This is so pretty! Wish I had seen it before I went to yesterday’s wedding. But then I don’t have your great features. (One of my eyes is hooded and the other isn’t, so eye makeup can get tricky…) That Chanel shade is looking particularly enticing.

    • I’m sure you have another special occasion in the near future. There are days when my eye hoods are totally weird, but I think these days they are pretty similar.

  • Rae

    Damn, girl! That is one *serious* cat eye. I love it! ^^

    • Ha, Rae, thanks! I try! But you rock the cat eye the best.


    Ha – I loved them, how was the concert?

    I am loving your smoky eye!!

    • Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa! They were amazing. They had choreographed dance for most of their songs, and their energy was incredible. You definitely can’t tell that they’re almost 40.


  • Those lashes look wonderful! Great look

    • Mmhmm, these are my favourite lashes for a natural look. 🙂

  • I partied too hard on friday night and the hangover killed me on saturday 🙁 such a waste of day I too think am getting too old to party :'(

    the look is lovely 🙂

    • Aww Marianita you and I both! LOL. Thanks, girl!

  • you look gorgeous! i love it! weddings (as a guest) can be tricky because its a chance to get all dolled up but at the same time u have to make sure ur not outshining the bridal party. I think u nailed it xx

    • It’s true. I try to not go all out smokey eyes and full lashes AND bold lip, even for an evening wedding. I’ve seen it before and I always feel like those women try too hard. Thanks!

  • We can’t be friends anymore, you’re too pretty. KIDDING!! about both parts, you’re not pretty – you’re DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!
    I have a different eye shape than you but I’m totally going to try this out!!!!!!!

    • Hahaha whatever Elaine! But you gotta try it and show me, ‘kay?

  • I need to work on my eye liner technique. I’m envious of yours. Looking good!

    • Thanks Marisol! Practice and a few Q-tips 😉 make perfect.

  • OMG. You went to the Boyz II Men concert! I’m so jealous, I saw the Groupon deal for that! 😛

    I’m super clumsy when it comes to reading instructions and following them with make-up. Is it too much to ask that you just do this for me. Pretty please and thankyouverymuch.

    • LOL! I would love to paint your pretty face for you if you wish! But you know your face will end up on the blog, right?