First New Bronzer Of The Season: Lancaster Kaleidoscope Illuminating Powder is Almost Too Pretty To Use.

It’s that time of the year again when makeup companies come out with their latest and greatest bronzers! Lancaster Kaleidoscope Illuminating Powder ($39, at Shoppers Drugmart and Murale) is a beautiful, huge pan of lilac, pink, peach and bronze powders.

Lancaster Kaleidoscope Illuminating Powder

Lancaster Kaleidoscope Illuminating Powder

Kaleidoscope is big enough (8 whopping cm diameter!) that you can use the colours separately; the peach and pink would make a beautiful blush and cheek highlight, respectively. For a quick face, I just swirl my powder brush around, and the combination is a warm peach bronze that is neither shimmery nor matte. The finish on the skin is very natural and skin-like. It’s perfect for faking a good complexion when you’re feeling kinda blah. Do you feel the same way? When my skin is looking dull, I always turn to bronzer for a quick pick-me-up.

Lancaster Kaleidoscope Illuminating Powder Swatches (lilac — barely visible, pink, deep bronze, golden bronze, peach, and blended)

As for the shade, I think it’s a good choice for those with warmer skin tones. Try before you buy if you are pale and have a lot of pink in your skin, as it may look more orange on you. It’s pretty hard to overapply because the bronzer applies sheer and builds very well, so layer on as much as your little heart pleases. 🙂

Lancaster Kaleidoscope Illuminating Powder — Size comparison to Scherbie’s head 🙂

Wearing Lancaster Kaleidoscope Illuminating Powder (all over, no blush)

Wearing Lancaster Kaleidoscope Illuminating Powder (all over, no blush)

Besides the gorgeous colour, I have to point out that the bronzer smells so fresh in the pan and I always get a warm fuzzy feeling when I catch a whiff of it.  Is that weird? 😉  It doesn’t smell like anything once it’s on, but the fresh smell is always a bonus in my books.  It is a lot of money to spend $39, but it is very big (20g / twice the size of a MAC Bronzing Powder!).  If you have a pressing need for a lot of bronzer, like say, you are the makeup artist for the cast of Jersey Shore, then it is a very good deal. 🙂  Otherwise, even though it is pretty, it’ll just take up a lot of space in your potentially cluttered vanity table.  Am I right? 🙂

Are You A Bronzer Fan, Or Do You Embrace Your Paleness?

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know how much I love my bronzers (and self-tanners!). Are you a fan as well, or has Jersey Shore scared you away from bronzers for life?

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  • It’s so big!

    • It’s gigantic. I really hope this is not the direction all bronzers are going, because I’m really not keen on the size!

  • Hard to store I bet. I do like the colours though-I’ve never seen a purple in a bronzer which is kind of neat! All the colours give a nice natural glow! It looks beautiful on you!

  • LOL @ your Jersey Shore comment! This looks lovely – really expensive, but lovely!

    • Seriously if they had a makeup artist, which I doubt they do because the girls always look awful, they’d go through several of these in one season! 🙂

  • I have a giant Cargo bronzer that I’ll never finish. But I like ’em big. 😉

    I also like your pretty pink top! Very springy!

    • That’s what she said!!! 🙂

  • wow, you weren’t kidding. definitely very pretty and definitely very big.

    i’ve been wanting to self tan lately so i got one of those jergens gradual ones. but i got it in the darkest shade so i don’t have to reapply too often (call me lazy :p). which reminds me, i definitely need to pick up a bronzer so my face can match my body.

    • Oooh I quite like the Jergens ones actually! I find the colour stays for a long time with those. Also, I don’t know if Vaseline still makes them, but they used to have a gradual self-tanning lotion which I really really liked. I gotta shop for one ASAP!

  • Ooohhh what a pretty bronzer! I still heart my Anabelle one.

    • Yeah, I prefer my Annabelle over this. And it’s like, a quarter of the price!

  • I am not so crazy over bronzers, but the design of this one is WOW! And the amount of product, 20g! It will take me forever to finish it.

    And love the fact that it’s so big that the shades can be used separately. Yay to multi-tasking product!

  • I’m a new reader to your blog and I just want to say “Thank you!” for these wonderful photos. I’ve been lemming this bronzer for ages and haven’t found much online about it, and then I noticed on the Shoppers flyer that Lancaster products are being promoted (spend $30+ and get bonus Optimum points) – that offer, coupled with your blog entry swayed me to buy this, and I’m so glad that I did. I really like the soft appearance this bronzer gives me – I do NOT want to look like a Jersey Shore member. And you’re right, the smell is very refreshing – I linger a bit over the compact and inhale longer than I probably should when I’m getting ready in the mornings now. Anyway, great blog and thanks for your great reviews.

    • Thanks for your feedback, amarock! So glad it was helpful to you. 🙂 The compact’s smell is kinda addictive isn’t it? LOL!

  • Hi, the bronzer smells exactly the same as the wonderfull sun products they have to protect you from the sun. Which I have been using for years. It always reminds me of summertime and going on holiday.
    I bought this here in Europe last year I thought it was so pretty I did not even care if it would work for me or not. But thankfully it does! Thank you for posting this!