Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipsticks: Team Neutrals.

Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipsticks in 853 Jezebel, 752 Couture, 900 Passion, 750 Sensation, 751 Provocative

Swatches: Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipsticks in 853 Jezebel, 752 Couture, 900 Passion, 750 Sensation, 751 Provocative

The Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipstick ($11.95) line is, in two words, pure genius.  I own a lot of lipsticks.  I even buy lipsticks close to $40 (*cough* Chanel *cough*).  What I didn’t believe was possible is really true: a drugstore line could rival the quality of my most favourite high-end lipsticks.

All Rouge Xpressions are fragrance-free and taste-free.  These amazingly creamy lipsticks melt on your lips on contact with absolutely zero dragging, similar to the shu uemura Rouge Unlimited lipstick.  But despite their creaminess, somehow they are able to stay put on my lips where I apply them, even without lip liner.  These lipsticks easily last for 5 to 6 hours on me, which is very impressive for a creamy lipstick.  As the day goes on they stain the lips and fade evenly.

  • 853 Jezebel is a mauve pink.  It has a cream finish.
  • 752 Couture is a medium rosy brown.  It has a pearl finish.
  • 900 Passion is more brown and darker than Couture.  It has a pearl finish.
  • 750 Sensation is a dark rosy brown.  It is very similar to Couture, but is just a tad darker.  It is supposedly a cream, but feels very much like a pearl.  It contains a subtle gold pearl.
  • 751 Provocative is a brick red.  It has a cream finish.

All of these shades applied evenly with the exception of 900 Passion.  Warm skin tones can easily pull off the last four.  853 Jezebel is a great my-lips-but-better shade for cool skin tones, but not on myself, unfortunately.  752 Couture, 900 Passion, and 750 Sensation are fabulous choices for a conservative office setting.

Stay tuned for part 2 if you like your lipsticks bright! 🙂

Read on to see lip and full face swatches!

Swatches of Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipstick in 853 Jezebel

Swatches of Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipstick in 752 Couture

Swatches of Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipstick in 900 Passion

Swatches of Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipstick in 750 Sensation

Swatches of Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipstick in 751 Provocative

Which Ones are Your Favourites?

I just love Jezebel, but I can’t wear it alone.  I might have to layer my Chanel Maline Glossimer to make it work for me.  I also love Sensation.

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  • Jezebel looks great!

  • oh please, you can SO wear jezebel alone! it looks gorgeous on your!

    though the maline glossimer will make it look even MORE gorgeous :).

    • and by “your,” i mean “you.”

      i’m blaming the meds on that :p.

      • Hahaha you junkie, you! 😛

        I think Jezebel pulls a tad bit too cool on me, but with the right blush it might work on its own.

  • This is so timely. I was JUST looking at these two days ago and almost bought Provocative. The last time I looked at Marcelle lipstick was back in middle school. How can all these shades look so singularly good on you??? 🙂

    • Haha, you’re a doll! I think it’s the glowing skin that makes the lipsticks work. 😛

      Which ones do you think you’re gonna get?

  • Oh dear B Girl, you’re going to have to come up with an explanation why you cannot wear Jezebel alone! I think it looks gorgeous on you.

    • Oh Isabel, I am liking B Girl as my nickname so much better. 😉

      It looks lilac, no? 😛 It needs a little bit more warmth to be a my-lips-but-better colour for me. But thanks!

  • Wow! 5 to 6 hours! That’s impressive! Loving 752 Couture a lot.

    • The wear time on these is really quite something else. I still get a faintly stained lip even after lunch.

      Couture is a good one; I wore that one today. 🙂

  • Great post! I really need to expand my Marcelle makeup collection. lol 853 Jezebel looks gorgeous on you, I’ll buy that shade first. 🙂

    • YAY! Enjoy Jezebel. You will really like this formula, I promise!

  • Love it! All of it!

    • Michelle, check out Couture and Sensation. They totally look like your favourite Burberry lippies!

  • Jezebel looks gorgeous on you~ Like all the people above, I don’t understand why you would ever think you can’t wear it alone!

    • Oh you’re kind! Thanks. 🙂 I still think it needs a gloss to warm it up a bit.

  • I have some of those lipsticks and I’m totally in love with them! I still have to post my review and swatches, though. Great pictures, love that you included full face swatches.

    • Thanks! I cannot wait to see these on you, too. 🙂

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  • Can I just say that a mauve being called Jezebel is kind of cute and hilarious? XD I can’t imagine any Jezebel wearing mauve lipstick haha :3