Avoid Eye Makeupocalypse with Mary Kay Creme Eye Colors.

make•u•poc•a•lyp•tic |mākəˈpäkəliptik|
describing the complete destruction of a makeup look, usually due to a product that fails to deliver on its promises: yes, girlfriend, the amount of grease mixed in with your eye makeup has reached makeupocalyptic proportions.

Fact: my eyelids are a greasy mess without a spectacular base.  I’ve tried probably the two most popular eye primers in existence — Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  They work well, but my recent experience has been… hmm, how shall I put it… a disaster.  These primers don’t last me an entire workday anymore.  That’s just not okay in my books!

Mary Kay Creme Eye Colors (clockwise from top left): Beach Blonde, Pale Blush, Apricot Twist, Iced Cocoa, Glacier Gray

Lately I’ve been using Mary Kay Creme Eye Colors ($16) as my eyeshadow bases.  These are very sheer, coloured eyeshadow primers that boost colour and finish of eyeshadows layered on top of them.  They also work as standalone eyeshadows.

  • Beach Blonde is a shimmery champagne.
  • Pale Blush is a matte pale cool pink.
  • Apricot Twist is a shimmery orange gold.
  • Iced Cocoa is a shimmery copper bronze.
  • Glacier Gray is a shimmery pewter.

Swatches of Beach Blonde, Pale Blush, Apricot Twist, Iced Cocoa, Glacier Gray

Do you love the uber popular MAC Paint Pots?  I swear, these are just like MAC Paint Pots.  They apply evenly as a cream, and dry down to a silky smooth finish of a powder.  They are quite sheer, but as shown in the swatches above, they can get pretty opaque after 2 or 3 layers.  In terms of value, you will get 0.26g per dollar with Mary Kay, and 0.25g per dollar with MAC.  So Mary Kay provides better value, but it’s not a big difference.

My eye makeup with layered over Creme Eye Colors lasts about 8 hours, with just a little bit of creasing on the inner corners of my eyes.  To put that into perspective, Urban Decay Primer Potion keeps my makeup perfect for 5 hours, and total makeupocalypse happens around hour number 6.  However, if you have very oily lids, do not expect these to keep you grease-free for a 10 to 12 hour day.  Again, maquillageddon. Ooh, another new word! 😛

The Creme Colors are housed in light, tightly sealed plastic pots, which make them really easy to travel with.  I’ve really been enjoying these a lot, and they’ve become a staple in my makeup bag for sure.  They’re brand spankin’ new, and I just wish they’d come up with more punchy colours for the warmer months.  Bright turquoise or vibrant purple, anyone? 🙂

I’m Always On the Hunt for Good Eye Primers!

Do you have a favourite eye primer? I’m currently testing out Laura Mercier and LORAC samples that I brought home from Sephora. They’re not too bad so far. I’d love to hear what’s working for you, and what was a total fail.

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  • i find the UD primer potion doesn’t last that long on me either. i recently used it on an audition day and by the time i got home, my eyeshadow was creased. i was out for less than 10 hours, too and i wasn’t sweating or anything. disappointed, for sure =/.

    • Do you wear eye cream at all? Perhaps your eye cream is migrating to your top lid. I think that’s the culprit with my current problem, actually.

  • Ooh Glacier Grey looks amazing! I love shades like these. The champagne shade reminds me so much of Mac Solar White (from your pics anyway)

    Sounds like a neat product I should look into! They probably compare to the Benefit creaseless shadow liners?

    My go to eye primer is mac soft ochre p/p 😉

    Great post!

    • That’s a really fantastic colour! It’s just a tad bit lighter than MAC Smoke ‘n Diamonds, which is amazing for a smoky eye!

      To be honest I don’t really like the Benefit cream eyeshadows. I just don’t find them to be a good base at all on me.

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  • I find I have to use a primer + a paint pot of sorts to keep my eye shadow in place. Right now the Tarte Lifted Natural Eye Pirmer, or the NARS Pro Eye Prime + a MAC PP or a Benefit Creaseless Cream is what I am using. The NARS Pro Eye Pirme isn’t too bad on it’s own.

    • Thanks for all your suggestions! Looks like I have to try NARS too.

  • Shadow pots are my new weakness… ahhhhhh!

    I’ve never tried Mary Kay but good to hear it’s comparable to MAC. For primer, I’ve been testing MAC Soft Ochre, Bobbi Brown Long Wearing Cream Shadow in Shore, and Benefit Stay Don’t Stray. BB is quite good, actually, but I’m considering a return to the UD Potion despite their stupid wand/applicator. The best stay-put cream shadow is the MUFE Aqua series, which I’m sure you know about. 🙂

    • I so want to try those MUFE aqua creams! The colours are just mindblowing!

  • Great post!

    I love these cream shadows on their own or as a base.

    Just yesterday I used Glacier Gray as a base for a 70’s smokey eye for a Filler Magazine spread coming out in March.

    Long wearing, minimal creasing with a great price point = excellent value.

    • Glacier Gray is definitely one of my favourites. I can just imagine that smoky eye must have been awesome!

  • DUDE you *have* to try P&J eye glosses or the Shu cream eyeshadows! I’m exactly the same – UDPP lasts about 5 hours, the MAC Paint Pots only lasted about 3 and layering the two got about 9. No primer means my eyeshadow is gone within half an hour. I have the Shu cream eyeshadow in P Beige, and it alone keeps my shadow in place for about 10 hours. Plus it looks amazing just by itself. Unfortunately it doesn’t work quite as well for some eyeshadow formulas like the new Chanel spring quint or Dior quints, but the P&J eye gloss keeps those on for a good 8-9 hours. I have it in Murmur, which is a gorgeous taupe. I’ve also heard amazing things about the newish MUFE cream shadows. HTH!

    • I don’t think I have access to P&J here, but I can definitely check it the shu uemura one. Thanks! 🙂

  • The drawback to Mary Kay is-dealing with the crazy, crazy sales ladies and the ethics of the company stink. I still have eyeshadow primer by MK, it’s actually quite good but the sales tactics of the company means I just can’t justify purchasing from them

    • @ Ruthless….sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I have been with MK for 12 years and have customers with me since day 1. My apologies for whomever you had dealings with. I treat my customers like gold as they are the lifeline of my business. The ethics of the company are faith first, family second, and career third. Not sure what your person told you. When people are treated badly, it is bad for all of us, again, I am sorry you had a bad experience!

  • Mary Kay also sells a wonderful eye primer. You can use it under the cream eye pot colours (however not necessary since these colours have a primer in them) and you can use them with the mineral shadows.

  • For #13, Ruthless…… Mary Kay products are 100% guaranteed and will be replaced without charge, exchanged or the full purchase price refunded following its return to your consultant or if she is no longer active, to the company with proof of purchase. As long as there is still half of the container left, you may return it. You should know by that point whether or not the product is right for you. There are consultants in our workforce that are amazing. Don’t give up on yours. I’m happy that you enjoy our Eye Primer.

  • Best primer I’ve used is Too Faced Shadow Insurance. ~$18 at Sephora. The tube is tiny but you only need to use a small amount so it lasts forever.
    I will definitely try the new MK eye creams. The hardest part is deciding which colors to choose. I like many of the MK products but I wish I could just order direct from the company. It bugs me that the rep opens all the packages to put her name and address stickers on the products. She’s always pushing me to do in-person demos and I really prefer to get samples to try on my own. Oh well…at least I’m supporting a local businesswoman.

    • I like the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, too! The tube lasts me about 2 years!

      I tend to agree with you; I really wish they were more accessible for online shopping.

    • Hey Nancy, I’m a consultant myself, and coming across your comment I thought I’d explain to you why the consultants want to meet up with you in person instead of just flat selling you the products!

      #1 reason is because we have 100% satisfaction guaranteed, it’s there to support the buyers, but we’d like to do things right the first time. If you can try out the product before you buy them, then the chances of you realizing that’s not the color you want after fact will be 10 times smaller than if you just purchase from the website!

      I’m not sure why any consultant would open the package box and then sell that, but what you CAN do is let her know you don’t like that, then if you want to order something, let her know you want a box that wasn’t opened before,if she’s already opened everything and name tagged her on every product then ask her to make another order fresh from the company. I personally love opening boxes for stuff I bought for myself, if the box has been opened before, I wouldn’t be too thrill about it either, so I understand how you feel.

      Hopefully this reply helps =)

    • Nancy, I am a consultant as well. Tell your consultant that you prefer your products without the stickers. Your consultant probably puts the labels on though so when you need more you have her information handy can don’t have to hunt for it. She also is trying to not just sell you a product but get to know you better so when Mary Kay comes out with a new product she’ll know if it’s something you’d be interested in or not. Mary Kay is about the relationship with customers as much as it is about selling a lipstick or eye shadow. Let her know how she can best serve you and I am sure she’d be happy to work with what you wish.

  • Wonderful post! I’m a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant myself, and like you said, these cream eye shadows are one of my favorites right now! If you haven’t tried the cream blush, I’d suggest you to contact your consultant and try it out. I use the Beach blond as high light, then the Sheer Bless cream blush as mid-tone, then accent the edge with Glacier Gray, this creates a very romantic smokey look! And while you’re at it, ask your consultant about our eye primer too.

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  • The price of the cream eye colors are $13 not $16. This may have been a change from when you first wrote this article. You can also use these colors with the mineral colors for a really custom look. I prefer these to the eye primer by Mary Kay but that is only because these are basically two steps in one. I love time savers. Thanks for the post and your honesty!

  • RA

    there are actually mary kay cream eye colors in purple, green, blue, and taupe gorgeous colors!! They just came out and I have been selling them very well. they are now $14 which went up in price from $13. another tip: use the brush