Black Lipgloss: Not Just for Goths Anymore.

Rimmel Stay Glossy Lipgloss in Black Diva

When I first laid my eyes on Rimmel Stay Glossy Lipgloss in Black Diva ($7.99), I was overcome by a mix of inspiration and holy-crap-that’s-really-black!  But you know, beauty blogger needs to make it work. 🙂  Challenge accepted.

My gut reaction was to layer it on top of a red lipstick for a vampy lip.  I’ve never done one myself, so I thought it was about time.  I’m sure there are people out there who would wear Black Diva on its own, but not me.  I’m pretty sure I would scare the living daylights out of my cat Scherbatsky.  I’ll then have to reassure her, “Scherbie, it’s mommy, I promise!”

If you want to rock this on its own, I salute you! 🙂  I’ll stick with my deepened red lips, thankyouverymuch.  Here I layered it over MAC Lipstick in Dare You.

MAC Lipstick in Dare You / Rimmel Lipgloss in Black Diva / Layered Swatches

MAC Lipstick in Dare You and Rimmel Lipgloss in Black Diva Lip Swatch (Layered)

Wearing MAC Lipstick in Dare You and Rimmel Lipgloss in Black Diva

Pretty wearable, isn’t it?  Would you wear it?  Or does it bring back memories of your goth days back in high school? 😛

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  • i can’t decide which makes my day more: the gorgeousness of this lip combo or the fact that your cat’s name is scherbatsky.

    …i think it’s the latter :p.

    • Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? Scherbatsky is named after Robin Scherbatsky from the show. 🙂 It was funny bringing her for the first time to the vet, and they see us (two Asian people) as her parents. LOL.

  • I need to pick this up I LOVE IT!

  • I love how it gives depth and drama to your red lippy.

    I was actually considering getting the YSL pur gloss in black.. but this is a much more affordable option!

    • I know! I mean, I knew it was gonna work but I didn’t know it was gonna be this cool! 🙂

      Glad to save you some money, too! 😉

  • OMG, it’s so beautiful!!! I totally, totally love it! And a cat named Scherbatsky is just amazing! Is your cat nice, like a Canadian?

  • I bought the blue lipgloss from the MAC Peacocky collection for the same reason. I mix in a wee blob of it with other colours that are just wrong for me. It cools down colours that are too warm.

  • Great idea. I love this as I love vampy lips, it looks gorgeous on you 🙂

  • So pretty! I got this sample too and immediately filed in my donation pile… why didn’t I think of layering? Duh. Reminds me of a Joe Fresh lip pencil I have in a deep red shade… I wouldn’t wear it every day but LOVE the vampy lip for a black tie event.

  • I would never wear the gloss by itself…I like what you have done here.

    You should take your pic again and make a ‘goth’ face….!! 😀

  • Bloody gorgeousness! I agree with Jen W that this is the perfect affordable dupe for the black YSL gloss. I would have been completely intimidated by this colour but you are a genius.

  • This was so gorgeous my head almost exploded!! I’ve been searching for a vampy red lip color for so long and you just gave me the perfect combo!! Thank you 😀

  • Ami

    I’m going to try this! I am indian and want a darker red lip…this looks perfect! Thanks for sharing!