Beauty Spree From the MAC PRO Store: Gold Studio Finish Face Powder and Cantaloupe Blush.

You won’t see many haul posts here on Glitter Geek, so you know I’m excited about my new products when I post a haul!

Yesterday I went shopping at the MAC PRO Store on Queen Street with Jenn of So Very Fabulous!  It is the only PRO store in Toronto, so it’s the top destination for MAC PRO card owners to shop.  Those who don’t have a PRO membership (like me!) can still pick up PRO only products.  I only ended up getting two things, but they are two very pretty things. 🙂

PRO Studio Finish Face Powder in Gold

The first is the mystery gold powder I’ve been obsessing over after attending the MAC Master class two weeks ago.  I learned yesterday that it was the MAC PRO Studio Finish Face Powder in Gold ($22).  This shimmery loose powder is a finely milled banana gold coloured powder.  It’s in every way as delicious now as when I swatched it (and gasped) for the first time. 🙂 I plan to dust it on my neck and décolletage for parties this season.  I also think it would work beautifully on top of glossy red lips.

PRO Studio Finish Face Powder in Gold

PRO Studio Finish Face Powder in Gold

Gold PRO Studio Finish Face Powder in daylight (concentrated / blended with brush)

Gold PRO Studio Finish Face Powder Swatches with flash (concentrated / blended with brush)

PRO Blush in Cantaloupe

My second newest acquisition is MAC PRO Blush in Cantaloupe ($18.50), a beautiful browned peach.  It is only available in a pan (no pots).  Although she looks like a matte in the pan, Cantaloupe actually has a satin finish, which is perfect for that ever coveted “glow” to the cheeks.  Its pigmentation rivals that of a NARS blush — it is ultra pigmented and very smooth to apply.  It’s a definite must have in my blush collection.

PRO Blush in Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe PRO Blush Swatches in daylight (concentrated / blended with brush)

Cantaloupe PRO Blush Swatches in daylight (concentrated / blended with brush)

Have You Been to a MAC PRO Store Before?

If you haven’t been to one available in your city, then you absolutely must go!  It is a makeup addict’s playground.  For my Canadians who do not have access to a PRO store in their city, you can also order PRO products over the phone at 1.800.387.6707 (available Monday through Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm Eastern Time).

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  • I need to get my hands on that gold powder, sound yummy! Please do a look with it 🙂

    Cantaloupe looks much darker on me, I use a powder brush with it, i guess it’s just the skintone difference

    • I have lots of ideas for using the gold powder — I will get an FOTD up soon. 🙂

  • marisol

    I live about 10 minutes from a PRO store (don’t hate :D) but rarely go there because parking sucks in that part of town. However I may need to visit cause Csntaloupe sure does look pretty. That powder looks really nice too. Good job on the product pics.

    • You’d so rock these! At least check out Cantaloupe. It is so flattering!

  • Just love both of these products. I am trying to work more golds into my life. I had always been ‘taught’ that my skin tone doesn’t wear gold well but the new powders look so good on everyone. I am hoping MAC does a similar powder with a touch of pink in it (although I could always layer or mix some pink in I suppose).

    Great post!

    • They have a pink, even a lilac one! 🙂 But I find this particular gold very easy to wear.

  • You’ve got me wanting to put these on my wishlist too. Canteloupe is so pretty!

    I still think you need Girl About Town in your life ASAP! 🙂

    • I know!!! I might get Girl About Town for my birthday.

  • drool!!!

    • I know eh? Drooling some more back at the PRO store. Need more!!!

  • I REALLY like that blush. I always end up buying colours too pink and having to deal with them.

    I need something more neutral/natural that adds some colour without it being too red or pink.

    We’ll have to swatch my cheek when I get back

    • Cantaloupe would really suit you! I can’t wait to paint your face! 😉

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  • Ahhh that gold powder looks so pretty! ^__^

  • haha you finally found that mysterious gold powder yay!

    • I know eh? YAY! I will be sprinkling gold on EVERYTHING. 😀

  • Wow, now I know what to pick up next time I hit a MAC PRO store. I live in Australia, so MAC pro store is accessible to everyone who can get there. I really love the cateloupe blush. It’s so pretty 🙂 I’m a new follower and found your blog from another blog. Keep up the good work.

    • Welcome, Tiffany! 🙂 And enjoy your next trip to the PRO store.

  • Ev

    your photos have me convinced that i need this!! 😀

  • Rae

    Oohh!! That gold is gorgeous, Arianne 🙂

    • I know! And it is so versatile. Must do a follow-up post on how I use it. 🙂 If I don’t get lazy, that is.

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  • hey, where was the pro store located on queen street? the one near eatons? :S i never knew there was a pro store in toronto! :O

    • Hi Stella, not that one. It’s the one on Queen West near Spadina. 🙂

  • ohh okkk thank you! did not know that 🙂 going to check it out for sure then

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  • i live in milwaukee, and there’s nowhere to get the mac studio finish face powder gold that i want sooo baaad. any ideas?

    • Hi Primavera! I believe you can call up MAC to buy it. The number should be on their website.

  • the gold powder…where did u get it??! online it is out of stock and at the store its out of stock…for weeks! gahhh! lol

    • I got it in the PRO store in Toronto, Laura. Can you call MAC to order?

  • BooBooNinja

    I don’t know how I found my way to this post, but I’m so glad I did. MAC Cantaloupe is wonderful! I’ve made a mental note to check this out. After almost 2 years, does the formula and colour stand up against the rest of your blushes?