Marcelle Power Volume Mascara: Finally, a Washable Mascara that Holds a Curl!

Marcelle Power Volume Mascara

When a product contains the word “power” in its name, you better believe I expect a heckuvalot (new word) from it.  When Marcelle Power Volume Mascara ($11.95) (power and volume!) arrived at my doorstep, I expected another mascara that promises too much and barely delivers.  But of course, I was secretly praying to the makeup gods to let me love it! 😛

Marcelle Power Volume Mascara wand

Marcelle Power Volume Mascara reminds me a lot of an old drugstore favourite — L’Oreal Voluminous.  It is thick and a little bit on the dry side, so it is kinda tricky to layer it and get a clump-free application.  The wand is big and very dense, which leads to my other problem with the mascara: the brush picks up a lot of product straight out of the tube.  It helps to have some tissue nearby to wipe off any excess.

In terms of how it performs, it is definitely on par with L’Oreal Voluminous.  Annoyingly, volumizing formulas do not look as good in macro (close up) shots as they do in person.  This mascara gives my lashes a pretty, doll-like appearance.  My lashes remain soft and crunch-free when I wear it.  This is not a mascara that separates and defines the lashes; even with careful maneuvering, you will get small clumps of lashes to give them that “fat lash” appearance.

Marcelle Power Volume Mascara gets top marks for its weightlessness.  Most volumizing mascaras weigh down my sad Asian lashes and I end up losing my curl.  Such is not the case with this.  See below for evidence. 😉

While I do get minimal flaking with this (especially when I put on too much), it wears without any smudging and washes off easily with my face wash.  All-in-all, I think Marcelle created a winner here.  I think it is an excellent mascara formula with huge potential, but they made a poor choice for a brush wand.  Instead I’d love to see a spiky rubber brush to help define the lashes.  The thick formula would still keep the lashes nice and fat, and the brush can comb out the extra clumps.  Hope you’re reading, Marcelle! 😉  Rating: B+.

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  • makeup morsels

    Yes, I totally agree! Taking macro shots of volumizing mascaras is so much harder than taking the same shots of lengthening mascaras. Anyways, I will probably stay away from this b/c I’m sensing that it’s going to smudge a bunch on me if it smudges a little bit on you. Looks great though, especially from the side.

    • Arianne

      It’s a little flaky, but I didn’t find that it smudged. I think I might try a different brush this week. I gotta go steal some from Sephora, shhh. 😉

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  • Isabel

    Dear Glitter Geek, we’re listening! We have to offer different types of brushes for different types of users, but rest assured our team is reading your review! Thanks for a complete review :o)

    • Arianne

      Thanks Isabel. :) A follow-up post using a different brush is in order.

  • marisol

    This looks like it would be a good every day mascara. Bummer that there is some flaking. With my contact lenses, I try to avoid any mascaras that flake.

    • Arianne

      I do like to wear this everyday. I think when I manage to get it “just right”, the flaking will go away.

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