Love, Chloé EDP is Bottled Femininity and Romance.

My perfume wardrobe recently embraced a new addition, and Love, Chloé ($90* for 50ml) was her name. Love, Chloé is a bit of an unusual fragrance pick for me.  True to Chloé’s powdery signature, it is a light powdery floral; a pretty feminine scent.  It doesn’t scream oh em gee someone bathed in perfume this morning, but instead it blends in to make softer, sophisticated “you” scent. 🙂  It’s the kind of scent that leaves a light trail when you enter a room and have everyone thinking “Wow, someone smells good!”

Love, Chloé opens with top notes of orange blossom and pink pepper.  To me, it is a citrusy floral with just a hint of powder; not my favourite, so I wait.  In a couple of hours, it wears more floral, with middle notes of iris absolute, lilac, hyacinth, wisteria blossom, almond and vanilla.  At the end of the day, you are left with just angelic scent of talc and rice powder.  I like this smell a lot.  I can only describe it as “girl next door.” 😉

I’d wear this on lazy weekends in with the BF and kitty, or out shopping with the girls.  Or maybe an afternoon picnic date (not that I can do that now!  It’s freezing out!).  It’s not something I would wear for dinner dates though; I’d opt for something sexier and more powerful.

Love, Chloé smells young to me, so someone in their late teens to their 30s will wear her perfectly.  Not to say that it’s inappropriate for older women, but I think the fragrance’s notes cater to younger ladies.  My philosophy in fragrance has always been wear what you like, so make sure to check her out in person if you’re the least bit curious.

My only annoyance with Love, Chloé is the chained cap.  While gorgeous and elegant, it is also fragile and breaks off easily.  Just a food for thought to those who have clumsy hands like me! 🙂

Love, Chloé is available at Holt Renfrew stores across Canada, and is coming to select Bay and Murale stores in January 2011.

Have You Smelled Love, Chloé Yet?

* = Suggested retail price

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  • Just found your blog not too long ago, you have really great detailed reviews! I haven’t tried this perfume out yet, but sounds like it’s right up my ally. At first the “powdery” part got me worried, but I think I’ll still give it chance!

    • Hi Elaine! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 This was my first fragrance review, so I’m going to try to get better at it!

  • ace

    oooh, gorgeous… i have the normal chloe edp and LOVE it, but its a tad too strong so i might give this a try!!

    • Sounds like this one is a better match for you! 🙂 Happy shopping!

  • I like the bottle but have never seen this scent before. What other fragrances do you like?

    • Love, Chloe has just launched this month. 🙂 I have a few that I like:

      Burberry Brit (although I haven’t worn this in a long time!)
      Dolce & Gabbana The One (my absolute favourite — very sexy sexy)
      Dior Addict Shine (my scent for warmer months)
      Lovely by SJP was my first perfume purchase, and still love it. 🙂

      What about you?

      • I have Burberry Brit and really like it as well. I have several fragrances in rotation:

        D & G Light Blue
        Benefit’s Laugh with Lee Lee
        Viva La Juicy
        Miss Cherie Dior
        MAC’s Turquatic

        • Ooh I quite like Viva La Juicy too! I’ve tried both Light Blue and Lee Lee, but there’s something in those two that didn’t agree with my body chemistry. 🙁 I wanted to like them too!

          • That happens to me with Michael Kors by Michael Kors. My friend has it and I love the scent but on me it doesn’t smell right.

            Have you tried Ralph Lauren Blue? Similar to D&G Light Blue.

            • I haven’t tried Ralph Lauren Blue, but I’ll give it a sniff next time I’m at Sephora.

  • Hmmm…I like the idea of smelling like a girl next door (I think? I’m not sure. Haha), but I really hate powdery smells. I don’t know if I’ve seen this one around…but I think I didn’t like the original Chloé…I assume they smell close. Thanks for the review, Arianne!

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