The Apple of my Eye, er, Lips: joe fresh Lip Stain in Apple.

Pink lips have become very popular at Glitter Geek HQ over the past few months.  What can I say?  I love the freshness of pinks, and how pinks seem to brighten up my face especially when I am not feeling so hot.  It seems that my vanity is filled with pink lipsticks and lipglosses, but we are hugely lacking another lip product: lip stains.

Canadian brand joe fresh recently caught my attention after seeing Michelle from Beauty Editor rave about the line.  I wasn’t a big fan of the tinted lip balm I tried many months ago (the strong smell bothered me), but this lip stain is kinda awesome! 😀

joe fresh Lip Stain in Apple

joe fresh Lip Stain in Apple swatches, applied directly (top) and sheered out (bottom)

I’ve tried other brands of lip stains before, but it’s either they tasted badly (I’m talking about you, CoverGirl, and yes the taste matters!), the texture was too thick, or the application was blotchy.  joe fresh Lip Stain in Apple seems to have solved all of these problems, and at $6 a pop, it is cheap to boot. 🙂

Bare lips

joe fresh Lip Stain in Apple swatch

Seriously when I bought this going by the colour of the packaging, I thought I would get a sheerer lighter pink, but this bold pink is even better!  It sets in about 5 seconds so there’s time to play with colour before it dries to a matte finish.  It doesn’t settle into lines, and best of all, it fades evenly.

One of the advantages of using a lip stain over lipstick or lipgloss is its staying power.  joe fresh Apple stays through glass after glass of water, but fades and just holds on to the last little bit of pigment after lunch.  Perhaps my food is too greasy?!  Nah, of course not! 😛

joe fresh Lip Stain in Apple swatch, after lunch

I really like this!  I think it is adorable on its own, and would make a great base under my favourite pink lipstick.  Rating: A.

Have You Tried joe fresh beauty?

Because the lip stain wowed me so much, I am itching to try some more.  Once you pop, you can’t stop, right?  Do you have any favourites from the line?  Oh, and sshhh… just between you and me, I brought home an eyeshadow to test too! 😉

P.S. To my non-Canadian readers, I am sorry that I’m featuring another product that is not available in your country, but I just started putting together a giveaway of Canadian goodies just for you.  Feel better now? 🙂

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  • dude that gives your lips such a nice pop of color! I tend to stay away from lipstains because I’m worried they’ll dry out my lips too much, how’s the moisturization factor on this? yayy, I feel loads better now lol. thanks!

    • Because it’s a stain it dries completely, so it’s not something I’d call moisturizing. However, it is non-drying and very comfortable to wear, if that helps. 🙂

      • ahh non-drying is what I mean lol. that’s good to know, thanks!

  • My lips are so pigmented, I never thought about using a stain – I figure they’ll never work on me! But at Loblaws prices – it’s worth a try!

    I adore the little Joe nailpolishes – great colours – and they apply so smoothly and are very glossy!

    • Give it a try Ella! They also have a red stain, which is very VERY bold. Love! 🙂

      You’re right, those nail polishes are so cute too!

  • I got a free sample of The Body Shop’s lip and cheek liquid and it works something like that..

    I feel like buying a lip stain from there too. I hate glosses and lipsticks, but I like lip balms and light hints of colour, so this might work for me

    • I’ve tried The Body Shop’s version too and for a while that was what I was using for lip colour (I believe that was back in high school… LOL!) 😛 The only thing is, it’s only one colour. Need bigger selection.

      You should try the joe fresh one, definitely.

  • So glad you love this too! I was trying to figure out why I like this stain so much better than others (eg CoverGirl) and I think you’ve articulated it! Honestly, it’s unbelievable quality for the price.

    I am mostly obsessed with the red one I was wearing in the video but I think I’ll switch things up with the Apple next… it looks great on you!

    PS – you do know you have the most perfectly shaped lips, right? These look like professional pics!

    • Yay I think Apple would look great on you too! 🙂

      LOL thanks?! I never thought so myself as my lips are actually asymmetrical.

  • Those pics make me want to try more colours of the joe fresh lip stains (I just have their coolest-toned pink one, plus three of their eyeshadows, none of which are as pigmented as the one you reviewed recently.. oh yes, and a couple of their nail polishes). Grocery shopping is a lot more fun when it can be combined with inexpensive but good beauty products!

    • I know! 🙂 I love grocery shopping at Loblaws because of the Joe Fresh stuff!