Around the Internetz: Green Beauty, Blushes for Sweaty Girls (me!), and a Tour of NARS HQ.

Tyra would probably say: “That’s FIIIEERCE gurrl!”
(Source: Vogue Japan/Nathaniel Goldberg via Beauty Crazed)

I love me some loud eyeshadows, so naturally I was floored by the bright purple look from Christelle’s magazine roundup of looks. [Beauty Crazed]

I don’t usually use any fancy tools to put on my false lashes, but I am seriously considering after seeing this review of the ELF Hollywood Eyelashes kit. [Beauty Scribbler (London)]

I’m slowly trying to make the conscious effort to go green when it comes to beauty products.  If you are too, I would love to know what you think, what you’ve tried, what has worked and not.  I also found this article on how to detox your beauty cupboard was extremely informative. [Sarah Wilson, found via Google Reader Shared Items]

Since we’re talking about green beauty, has anyone tried natural deodorants before?  I don’t usually have a stink but I am very very sweaty.  I might try something from this lineup of natural deodorants. [Beauty Editor]

Speaking of sweaty, Joy — a fellow member of Blush Addicts Anonymous, LOL! — shows a couple of her favourite blushes for sweaty summer days.  I’ve got my eyes on the Giorgio Armani blush! [MAKEUP JUNKIE]

Who doesn’t love Francois Nars’ dog Marcel?  He is quite the tour guide too, apparently, showing us a tour of the NARS headquarters. [Beauty And The Blog]

Scherbatsky’s Video of the Day

Here’s something that Scherbatsky loves playing.  I realized after that she was playing “fetch” and not “catch.” Oops!

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  • I cannot help but roll my eyes when people start to talk about “green beauty” considering most of the packaging for cosmetics is made overseas in places like China or Indonesia and those factories burn coal which is AWFUL for the enviroment. Recycled plastic is all well and good but it takes resources to recycle the stuff. Can anything made in China truly be considered “green” ? I suppose I’m just worn out by all of the eco advertising being tossed about nowadays

    • Good point. We definitely have to look at what goes into the product and what it is packaged in too!

  • I’ve always used natural deodorants, but it’s hard to find a good one (I absolutely hate Tom’s deodorants. They suck). I’ve settled on Herbal Clear Sport 24 Hour Deodorant (a large improvement on Tom’s), but I really want to try some of the ones she mentioned.

    • Funny, she also mentioned in another post that Tom’s stinks! Thanks for your rec, I’ll put that one down in my list too.

    • Definitely stay away from the Tom’s! I just found one more good one that I’m going to add to my post – Alba Clear Enzyme. Normally I don’t like stick deodorants (too, uh, sticky) but this one isn’t and works for HOURS.
      If you try any of them come back and let me know if they worked!

      • I’m hoping to try one soon. 🙂 If it doesn’t work out maybe I’ll make it my winter deodorant.

  • PS – thanks for linking to me, Arianne! xo

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