Summer Smoky Eye?!? Glittery Purple.

I’m hesitant to call this one a Summer Smoky Eye, just because it looks quite dark and dramatic to me.  But it was fun to do, especially adding the last bit of glitter to the eyes. 🙂

Swatches (from left): Urban Decay Freakshow, Annabelle Violet Vibe (pigment), MAC Coquette, MAC Carbon, Sassy Minerals Off Kilter (pigment)

Get the Look

For the eyes, apply a mid-tone blue violet (Annabelle Violet Vibe Pigment) with a wet flat synthetic brush, all over the middle of the lids.  Using a pointed crease brush, apply a rich dark purple (Urban Decay Freakshow Deluxe Eyeshadow) to the inner and outer corners of the lid, and the crease, creating a pointed shape on the outer corner.  Blend out the crease colour with a matte taupe (MAC Coquette Eyeshadow).  Deepen the corners with a matte black (MAC Carbon Eyeshadow). Duplicate the purples on the lid to the lower lash line (dark, mid tone, dark).  Line the upper lash line with a black liner (MAC Blacktrack Fluidline), creating a double-wing.  Line the lower waterline, then add mascara to both upper and lower lashes (Maybelline Full ‘n Soft).  Last but not least, add the glittarz to that lid. 😛

For the cheeks, first warm up the face with your favourite bronzer (Annabelle Haute Gold Bronzer).  Then, apply a coral on the apples of the cheeks, nose, and chin (MAC Hipness Blush).

For the lips, apply a coral-y peach lipstick (MAC Fresh Salmon).  Top off with a shimmery golden pink gloss (Smashbox Candid Sheer Color Lipgloss).

More Pictures!

My “Don’t-Mess-with-Me” face 🙂

My “friendly blogger” face

Bonus Not So Glamourous, No-Makeup Face…

… because we all could use a good laugh sometimes. 😛  Oh what a difference makeup makes!
In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have made a face. LOL.
Oh and hey, I did my hair for this FOTD.  Extra effort points for me.

Stop Saying You’re Ugly Without Makeup!

I was on the subway on my way to work the other day and can’t help but overhear some lady say “I look so bad without mascara.”  Which led me to think, what makeup item could I not go without?  I probably could use some under eye concealer in the picture above, but it’s no biggie. 🙂   I think it should be totally okay to post a no-makeup face on the Internet.  Some girls would just shudder at the thought.  What do you think?

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  • Joy

    You’re so purdy with and without makeup! I think if I posted a pic sans makeup of myself no one would ever read my blog again! LOL

    • LOL not true Joy! I would still read it I promise. Hahaha. 😛

  • 1 – That smokey eye is absolutely amazing!
    2 – That picture is the most awesome thing we’ve ever seen – you’re so gorgeously cute!!!


    • 1 – thanks! 🙂
      and 2- LOL you crack me up!

  • Beautiful purples! I always love purples too.
    You are too cute in that no makeup photo!!

    FYI – just got annabelle smudgeliner cuz of ur last post, can’t wait to play!

    • Ohh hope you like the Smudgeliner! 🙂

  • Love this look! Purple is probably the color I use least in eye makeup, I prefer working with greens for some reason. That annabelle pigment is so pretty and hehe love that last picture. You’ve got such good skin

    • Hah thanks. 🙂 Greens are sooooo easy to pull off; I too gravitate towards them. My favourite is blue though. I have to find a subdued enough blue to wear to the office.

      My skin’s not too bad considering some nights I just wipe off my face with a makeup wipe and off to bed I go.

  • gio

    That smokey eye is beautiful, I love purples!

    You look too cute without makeup on. 🙂

  • Rae

    Lovely! I’m a huge purple freak (obviously,) so this is like, a bazillion levels of awesome in my books 😀

    Also, I’m superenvious of your gorgeous skin. You are just too cute!

    (I’ve never done my hair for a FOTD, haha. Half the time, it’s still damp — or worse, sopping wet — when I’m taking my photos!)

    • Ha thanks! 🙂

      You know, if I was sensitive to ‘cones my skin would be so craptacular. Your skin is doing exceptionally well.

      Oh, I have done the sopping wet hair before. I am ashamed of it. 🙂 But offline, my hair is always wet in my subway rides to work. LOL no shame.

  • omg, that looks sooo cool! cud u possibly show hoe u made the layers? im like a n00b in figuring it out 🙂

    • Hi Kelley, do you mean a diagram? Or step-by-step pictures?