So Epic: MAC Stereo Rose MSF.

I have a confession to make.  (Oh it always makes me nervous to start a post like this!)

I gave in to the MAC Stereo Rose Mineralized Skinfinish hype.  Considered a legend in MAC history (I know, seriously?!), I wasn’t even looking at buying anything from In The Groove.  But when I woke up on Tuesday morning, everyfreakinbody on Twitter was talking about it.  A few Google searches for swatches, and then I found myself hitting “checkout.”

I’m not one to usually believe the hype around certain products, but here I am, giddy to receive my new loot.  I opened the package this morning, but I still feel kinda guilty about it.  Of course some swatches and pretty pictures always make me feel a tad bit better…

Swatches: Dry (top) / Wet with Fix+ (bottom)

Applied dry to cheeks using kabuki brush

Worth The Hype?

While all this craziness is ridiculous, I think Stereo Rose is a very pretty coral that a lot of people can easily pull off.  So yes, I think it is worth a hype — but not that much hype.  What do you think?  Were you one of the lucky ones to get MAC Stereo Rose before it sold out?  Did you go on a beauty spree on In The Groove?  Share about it in the comments. 🙂

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  • I just wrote a blog post about this product this morning because I couldn’t believe all the craze surrounding it! It definitely looks lovely on you and seems to have a more refined consistency than Petticoat (which I own from a previous collection). I think I will be skipping the In The Groove Collection. I am swinging by MAC tomorrow so who knows what will happen 😉

    • It’s crazy! I didn’t even know about this hype until everybody was talking. Insanity. Would love to know what you end up getting!

  • I gave in to the hype too… 🙂 I was able to grab one, I think it’s pretty but I also think the hype was too big for what it is!
    Anyway, it looks GORGEOUS on you! If I saw your picture and didn’t have one, I would really be mad! 🙂

    • You’re right: there’s hype, then there’s Stereo Rose hype. It’s simply too much.

      Thank you. 🙂 I hope you enjoy yours!

  • I wasn’t planning to get stereo rose until i saw it available again in it was sold out yesterday. i thought… hm… lemme grab it and just sell it in case i don’t like it. nothing to lose. but i think i might end up using it LOL

    • It’s really pretty you should put it to good use! Or else! 😛 I will snatch it away from you while you are sleeping. 🙂

  • I fell for the hype as well and hit checkout too. I do love Stereo Rose and love it on you! Tres Gorgeous!!

    • It was partly your fault, hope you know that 😛

      It is nice though so I will keep it. That was a gamble though. It could’ve been a disaster if I didn’t like.

  • So pretty on you!!!! I haven’t given in yet…but I’ll sure let you know if/when I do 🙂 Bye bye gorgeous girl 😛

    • LOL look who’s talking? You’re the gorgeous one.

  • I wish that I gave into the hype too! Everyone keeps talking about it everywhereeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! But it looks gorgeous on you, def worth the hype. I just don’t think I should be buying anything until i start using up some of the stuff that I already have!

    • It’s worth *a* hype, but not that much hype, y’know?

  • Looks really good on you. I wanted to get it but when I popped by the MAC counter and swatched it, I realized that Petticoat suited me better. So I got that instead 🙂

    • Ooh good for you for buying the one that suits you better. 🙂 Petticoat is really gorgeous too, especially with a lot of veining!

  • I am going to return my BNIB Stereo Rose to Mac soon.
    I ended up with 2 Stereo rose. I am keeping one, which willl more than likely last me a long long time, as I have so many more beautiful blushes, and MSF. I have Deep Throat, from Nars, which is similar.
    Petticoat is way better and I have backed up that little baby.
    Stereo Rose is preety though.

    • Ooh you certainly don’t need two. They last forever! I’m sure someone would live to get their hands on the one you are returning. 🙂