Another One Bites the Dust: Maybelline Full ‘n Soft Mascara.

I won’t beat around the bush here: I was really underwhelmed, or I should say really disappointed with this mascara.

Maybelline Full ‘n Soft Mascara (US$5.94 in Target, CDN$9.99 at Shoppers Drugmart) is the latest mascara to join my usual five-tube rotation. I’m crazy I know, but I like to have options.  Full ‘n Soft is supposed to deliver thick and soft lashes.  So you probably want to know what went totally wrong here.

They Should’ve Called it Bare ‘n Soft Instead.

Before the complaints go into full force, I gotta give props to Full ‘n Soft for leaving my lashes very soft.  So soft that it almost doesn’t feel like I had mascara on.


Now to tackle the claims for full and thick lashes?  It doesn’t.  I found the formula to be quite wet — more wet than I’m used to in a mascara.  Maybelline advises that I should layer while it’s still wet, but it really does not build any volume on my wimpy lashes.

1 coat of Maybelline Full ‘n Soft

2 coats of Maybelline Full ‘n Soft

Bare lashes vs. 2 coats

It Lacks (Almost) Everything Else I am Looking For.

Let’s look at the check list shall we?

  1. Volume: No.
  2. Length: No.
  3. Curl: No.  This was the most irritating aspect about this mascara.  Like seriously, stick straight lashes as soon as the formula touches my curled lashes.  Awful!
  4. Staying Power: Yes! — no flakes or smudges throughout the day.
  5. Easily Washable (if non-waterproof): Yes! — washes off with face wash and water.

I guess it’s not that bad, but the top 3 items are the most important.  I like big, in-yo’-face lashes, and this just does not deliver.  Oh well. 🙁  If you are born with naturally batty Bambi lashes, then this may work for you.  Otherwise, stay far far away.  Rating: D.

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  • “Bare and Soft” hahahaha. I used that mascara ONCE and threw it directly in the trash. The one I used had the same name but it was a green tube. Horrid and complete waste of money.

    • I’m hearing from a friend now that Maybelline mascaras are supposed to lose their wetness after a little bit of use. But seriously, I can’t bear the thought of putting this on again to test. It just doesn’t look like I’m wearing any mascara at all!

  • what’s your holy grail mascara that does both volume and length?

    the full and soft i remember used to have a smaller brush so while it didn’t pack it on, it did lengthen and thicken a bit because the small brush allowed you to get to hairs you normally don’t. i guess they changed the brush

    • I don’t have a holy grail mascara yet. The closest I’ve ever found is CoverGirl Lashblast waterproof. Volume, length, and curl like you wouldn’t believe! The only thing is, because it is waterproof, my lashes get quite crunchy from it. But it is a very good mascara, and good price too!

      Yes the brush is on the larger side, but I’m used to bigger brushes from L’Oreal Voluminous and other volumizing mascaras I use. 🙂

  • Er… where did you hear F’n’S would give you volume?? I used to use this mascara before I discovered the Kiss Me Heroine, but I’ve never heard anyone sing praises about it other than to say it’s a fantastic, natural-looking everyday mascara (which I think is true, and the waterproof version isn’t smudgeproof enough for me but is for a lot of ladies).

    I haven’t found a volumizing mascara I really like yet. I usually go for length anyways. I’ve been layering the Kiss Me volume formula over the length and I find it works pretty well but my lashes are sooooo skinny I wish I could find something with more oomph that does’t clump like mad.

    • 🙁 The box says so!

      I think I would like it if it at least gave curl, but nah. I’m sticking with Voluminous for just volume.

  • Awwh I like this mascara, but yeah – not for anybody who likes dramatic lashes XD

    • Oooh you have pretty lashes to begin with though! Not for me. 🙁

  • THANK YOU! Finally someone else who doesn’t like this mascara either, although our reasons for disliking it are different. I tried the waterproof version, which is very good at holding a curl, but doesn’t really deliver that much in terms of length or volume. Still, it would be a good mascara if it didn’t take about one hour to start smudging like crazy all over my face. And that’s the waterproof version yikes. I tried layering it over a lash primer, which helped a little with the smudging, but took away the curling (which was pretty much the only thing going for it). ehem long story short, I’m not crazy about this.

    • Sounds like I wouldn’t like that one either! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the wp version. It looks like Lash Blast is still my wp mascara of choice.

  • I use Full N’Soft waterproof now and then. I find that it DOES hold my curl and lengthens a tad bit. But it smudges after a couple of hours so I’m always worried I have panda eyes >.<

    • Aww that sucks. Have you tried CG LashBlast waterproof? That one stays on forever. 🙂

  • LizM

    What? This is my most favorite mascara ever! Althought I ususally get the waterproof one. Now they are not making it anymore- I have tried 4 other maybelline mascarsa and I hate them all. I have spent so much money trying to find something to replace it. Oh well.
    Just suprised to read your post since I LOVE it and it makes my lashes super thick – people always ask if they are my real lashest!

    • Amanda

      I’m so with you LizM!

      I get asked all the time if I wear false eyelashes. I love Full N’ Soft!!!!

  • Amanda

    I just don’t understand how you like CG LashBlast mascara? Which color tube? Cause there are a few.
    I’ve actually thought this mascara would be discontinued quicker than it hit shelves. Odd.
    I tried it and hated it. First off, it has that damn rubber brush. I don’t know who thought this whole rubber brush thing was a good idea. But from my experience, every mascara that has a rubber/plastic brush clumps. And that was my whole dislike of LashBlast. It clumps big time! I really don’t want all my lashes clumping together so it looks like I have five thick eyelashes. That’s not my idea of volume. I want fanned out volume.

  • Amanda

    I’m SO confused.

    I think Full N’ Soft mascara if one of the best I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried them all! From $10 tubes to $60 tubes.

    Full N’ Soft is actually very comparable to DiorShow mascara. And that cost $50.

  • HIFK

    Ummm… You have no eyelashes to begin with what were you expecting?