Now Lusting: shu uemura Lavender Bloom.

After work today I stopped by the Holt Renfrew nearby to pick up a sample of NARS Illuminator in Orgasm.  As I was walking around, a lady from the shu uemura counter stopped me to ask if I wanted a quick eyebrow touch up.  “Two minutes,” she said.  Before I could get a hold of myself I somehow blurted out “Okay!” even though I know it will not be two minutes.

She started by showing me the brow pencil, which she ran back and forth just barely skimming my brow hairs.  Of course, this was the day that I decided to forego filling in my brows, and wow!  What a difference.

So that’s it, we’re done right?  Wrong.  She went on to show me the SPF 30 mousse (amazing, but I just started to use another sunscreen), a bronzy blush (kind of too shimmery, and looked like something I had), then sprayed my sticky humidity face with some water thingamabob.

I decided to go with a matte baby pink blush, glow on blush in m 33 e.

I’ll try to get some pics and swatches tomorrow night. 🙂  It is really quite pretty.

And of course, do I leave the shu uemura counter without ooh-ing and aah-ing at the false lashes?  This one, called Lavender Bloom, is like Smoky Layers‘ conservative sister with some deep purple lashes mixed in.  I am convinced that need them!  Maybe I’ll pick them up next time…

Impromptu Makeovers: Yea or Nay?

Do you ever get sucked in to impromptu makeovers at makeup counters?  How do you deal with it?  Do you have enough self-discipline to just walk away? 🙂 Or are you just like me. 😉

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  • Yay!! I am dying to see the blush swatch! And as for impromptu makeovers — all the time!! Not a surprise right?!

    • LOL not a surprise at all! The NARS counter was offering lessons today too apparently, and I politely declined. Who knows what kinda damage that could’ve caused!

  • I usually say Nah because the few times I have actually done it, I ended up buying things! The last makeover I had was at a shu uemura counter too! I couldn’t decide what to purchase and the SA was pretty nice about it.

    But the downside is that you might miss out on products! So I save the makeovers when I intend to buy something.

  • BWA HAHAHAHA now you know how it feels!

    Actually, I hate buying anything without a good recommendation from someone I know and trust (clearly, YOU)…

    But generally speaking, I don’t get sucked into buying anything because

    A) prices are too high (‘ello, Sephora)
    B) I already own a brown eyeliner (or any other colours I might actually wear)
    C) I stick to neutral palettes & cannot be bothered to put 50 layers of gunk on my face

    • LOL It felt so wrong yet so right!