A Brow Story, featuring Benefit Brow Zings.

Once upon a time, there was a lady called Glitter Geek, who was blessed (or cursed) with full brows.  One time, when her eyebrow hairs got really long (how sexy is she?), she came to a brilliant idea. “Time for a trim,” she says.

She then took her Sephora eyebrow trimmer/brush and went to work.  “This should be easy,” she thinks to herself.  Should being the operative word.

However, this was not an easy task for young Glitter Geek.  Instead of nice and neat brows, she ended up in sparse brow city:

Determined to make things right, she decides that there’s no better time to find a good brow product.  So, she put Benefit Brow Zings in Medium to the test.

And look, a free brow lesson!

Then she went to work.  Following the instructions on the packaging, her eyebrow started looking a little too drag queen, and the colour was way too warm.

So she spoolied it off…

… and filled again, this time with a lighter hand.

“Ahh.  Good brows!”  She was quite pleased.

On the next day, she tried Brow Zings again.  It took some time getting used to, but she finally got the hang of it:

She still wished that the brow powder was more on the taupe-y side, but the lasting power of Brow Zings wowed her.  Her brows remained perfect through a cardio kickbox class, which is very impressive for such a sweaty girl — again, sexy right? 😛

The mini brushes in Brow Zings are surprisingly good.  For everyday use, she prefers to use a full-size angle brush because of her limited dexterity.  The tweezer is garbage; it was too small and too tough to squeeze.

In the end, she did like Brow Zings, but left this advice: “Make sure to try before you buy.  If the colour works for your hair colour and complexion, and you have sparse eyebrows, then this is a must-have!”  Rating: B+.

And she lived happily ever after.

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  • Honestly, I use an Annabelle (I want to say Annabelle) pencil in Tiger’s Eye.

    Matches my eyebrows perfectly without looking too black, too brown or too strange. How odd that an eyeliner could do that!

    P.S. Also worked out the velvet touch issue. I warmed it up and let it all melt back together and then rubbed it over my hand like 50 times to get a good mix. Now it works
    .-= FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com´s last blog ..Update on the life of FB… =-.

    • Ooh is that a creamy pencil? I tried Annabelle liner pencils before and it was really dragging my eyes quite a bit.

      I have a taupe eyebrow pencil by Annabelle and it’s the perfect colour too! Not as creamy as I’d like, but I warm it up on my hand first to fix that.

      I’m so glad Velvet Touch worked out for you at the end. I was really sad that it didn’t work for you! I also heard that putting it in the fridge before sharpening takes care of any flakies.

  • woohooo you’re back up! How did the move go? Hope you’re all settled in now. loll I loved this. Glad your brows found their happy ending! I agree though, I think brow products with cooler taupey understones are easier to use.
    .-= makeup morsels´s last blog ..More Cool Makeup From Ellis Faas =-.

    • The move was a major pain in the ass. It was just my boyfriend who moved actually. I — a baby — live with my parents! 🙂 Still, it felt like I moved too. Anyways we have a pretty good set up at his place now, so we can relax now yay! 😀

      I really wanted to like this more if the colour was right! Honestly when my brows have all grown out you don’t even notice that it’s too warm. Then again I have a lot of brow hair.

      Hope you’re having a good weekend!

      • wohooo *cheers for you* lol me too, I don’t keep them as neat as I should. next week is finals week for me, and I had an exam today too. but after that I’m free and clear for summer!

  • LOL what a cute post hehe.

    When you run out of the BrowZings, check out Anastasia’s duo in one of the ash colors (I use Medium Ash, but my brows are suuuuuper sparse), no red tones so it looks really natural for black hair but isn’t black. =)

    • Anastasia is definitely next on brow products to try. It’s hard for me to splurge on a pencil though, because I use it everyday it gets down to a nub in no time.

  • I think I would just use the little diagram/instruction booklet, and not the actual products XD the shape you created for your brows looks really good, so I guess it works!

    I use a pencil by Prestige and it’s really taupey and ashy, works well. Sometimes I use a random dark brown eyeshadow from my NYX Champagne & Caviar palette, that matches almost perfectly 😀

    • My brow shape is pretty good — it’s not the diagram 😛 Hahaha!

      Ooh we have Prestige here. I should go take a look!

  • I have been a faithful user of this product ever since I started getting my brows done a the Benefit Brow bar.

    • I could see why a lot of people like this! It works really well on me when I have full brows; the colour isn’t such a big deal. 🙂

      However I still couldn’t find the blending brush after I dropped it when I spazzed out one time. LOL.

  • Lisa

    You should try MUFE Waterproof Brow Corrector…it takes some practise but it is awesome! Cheers, Lisa

    • Thanks for the tip Lisa! I’ve never even heard of that before. I’ll check it out next time I’m at Sephora. 🙂

  • I know all too well about over-trimming your eyebrows! My eyebrows have been patchy for the last few years, so I stopped waxing them and just trim them with a little scissors, but half the time I make them look worse in the end. I know I still have a problem because that eyebrow scissors you have a picture of really caught my eye and I want it now, but I really should be focusing on the brow zing powders instead!

    • Step away from the scissors Jeni, and get yourself a good brow product. 🙂 People like us are just not meant to use scissors I think. 😛