Pretty New Things: MAC Hipness Blush and Hush Cream Colour Base.

Here are some swatches of the newest members in my makeup collection. 🙂

MAC Hipness Blush

This colour is so pretty that I couldn’t pass it up.  It’s just really too bad that the packaging is incredibly ugly.

(click to enlarge)

MAC Hush Cream Colour Base

I bought this specifically to keep my powder blushes in place.  I have very oily skin, especially now that it’s hot, and my powder blushes tend to slide around my cheeks as the day goes on.  I’ll have to report back on how well it does the job.

Hush CCB / Hipness Blush / Hipness Blush over Hush CCB

(click to enlarge)

The swatch of Hush CCB above is very heavy.  In real life it wouldn’t be that opaque, but instead just a sheer whisper of shimmer.  The layered colour looks a little bit like the infamous Marine Life Highlight Powder, don’t you think?  I guess I didn’t really need that one after all. 🙂

What’s New With You?

Is there something pretty you bought recently?  Perhaps from MAC To The Beach?  To my American readers, what’s the plan for the long weekend?  Something else you feel like sharing?

My boyfriend will be moving into a new apartment on June 1, and my web server will move with him.  We expect about 2-3 days one day downtime for Glitter Geek, which is going to be sad.  We’ve been buying tons of furniture for this first big move (I can feel my wallet ache), but mostly it is a very exciting time for us! 😀

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  • Congrats on the move! Furniture is one of those expenses that I hate (I want to buy nice stuff so it lasts but my wallet says no)… in other words, it took us nearly 10 months of living in our house to buy a couch for our living room. =p

    Love the look of the blush layered!
    .-= Jeweled Thumb´s last blog ..Memorial Day Sales =-.

    • LOL! But… where would you sit? 😛 I have to fork over the cash for the couch, but it’s a damn nice couch! I figure I’ll pass out on it enough during a movie that it’ll be worth it in the end. 😀

  • Rae

    Ooh, I’m jealous! I wanted to pick up Hipness as well 😛 (Must… resist… on… low-buy…!)
    .-= Rae´s last blog ..Travelling with makeup =-.

    • Wait… Have you been cheating on your no buy with a low buy? *shakes head*

      Hipness is really beautiful though. You know you’re gonna get it anyways 😉

  • yayyy congrats!! Have fun with the move 🙂 haha if I were to buy the Marine Life Powder it would definitely be for the seahorse ackk it’s just so cute. I have a CCB in Pearl that I use for layering under my eyeshadows occasionally. I think it’s starting to dry out though (sad face). Hush is such a pretty color though, hope it works out well for you.
    .-= makeup morsels´s last blog ..May Highlights =-.

    • I tried the CCB as a base on my eyes today too! Only time will tell if I like it 🙂

  • Pretty!!! & awww, lol, I actually thought the packaging was not so bad in person as in the promo pics. I agree it’s not the most attractive MAC packaging ever though.
    .-= Catherine´s last blog ..MAC To The Beach Marine Life High-Light Powder pt. 1 =-.

    • It’s the green that really bugs me. There are so many other pretty greens that they could’ve used!

  • LOL so it’s not just me that thinks the To The Beach packaging is hideous.

    I’ve been thinking about picking up a CCB for the sole purpose of layering under blushes, perhaps I shall go molest this one instore 😀
    .-= SilhouetteScreams´s last blog ..Apple Blossom =-.

    • The green is so yucky! 😛

      Yeah check out either Hush or Pearl — I think you’ll probably love one of these two.

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