Get a Natural Glow with Marcelle Face Powder.

If you know me, I’ve mentioned numerous times on this blog that I don’t like loose powders when it comes to makeup.  However, the opportunity came up and for the love of beauty, I am trying Marcelle’s Face Powder in Translucent Medium.



A Stay-at-Home Powder (The Outside)

The packaging is a huge plastic container with a sifter, approximately 3 inches in diameter.  The wide diameter is great for swishing a brush around.  The container is quite heavy and very well constructed —  no cheap plastic packaging here.  For this reason, I would not take this for travel.  I love it for this actually, because I already have a powder compact to take with me on the go.

Extra Smooth, Extra Smooth (The Inside)

Now let’s talk about the contents shall we?  This hypo-allergenic and perfume-free powder is so silky smooth, you can’t feel it on the skin.  In fact, after application, the Translucent Medium blends in perfectly onto my skin.  Can a powder be both mattifying and naturally glowy?  Because this is how well Marcelle face powder works.  Check out my Very Toned Down Hollywood FOTD; you’ll see what I mean.

The staying power is fantastic.  I usually wipe off my face (LOL!) around 11:00 pm and all my face makeup applied from the morning gets wiped off.  Oh, and you know what else?  Because it is not chalky, this is perfect for setting my creamy under eye concealer!

This is the only powder I use at home now, and I love it as much as my MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural (which I now only use for travel and touch ups).  If you don’t have a loose powder  that you already love, I highly recommend this one.  As someone who has a strong dislike for loose powders, I have absolutely no complaints– it is total perfection! Rating: A+.

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for consideration by Groupe Marcelle.

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  • Sounds AWESOME. 🙂 I wonder how it would fare on my skin, because I have the most unpredictable skin ever
    .-= SilhouetteScreams´s last blog ..Party Pinup =-.

    • It’s great! It is hypo allergenic and perfume free so it’s probably good to try. 🙂

  • Hmm…interesting…I love any powder that will give me a nice glow!
    .-= Donna´s last blog ..Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Review =-.

    • Is there one you’re using right now Donna? I love looking glowy! Looks so healthy even though I’m really not haha!

      • The powder I use at the moment is Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder. I like it alot. It’s very flawless. But not as glowy as I’d like. I’m really liking my Origins Multi Grain makeup though. That makes me look glowy!
        .-= Donna´s last blog ..Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Review =-.

  • this sounds great, I gotta go check it out after I run through my rimmel pressed powder, which has been working pretty well to set my timebalm
    .-= makeup morsels´s last blog ..Go Fresh and Conquer =-.

    • I can’t say enough amazing stuff about it! 🙂

  • gn.

    Unfortunately I get the “glowy” look from uncontrollable oilies. I know, eew, right? Haha!

    You looked helluva beautiful with that FOTD! Oh, and are they available internationally?

    • LOL not eww it’s just natural. Using this powder has prevented me from having the oilies for the majority of the workday.

      Unfortunately I think they’re only available in Canada, and US customers can order over the phone. International customers are out of luck. 🙁 They really need to fix that! I feel bad about reviewing products here that aren’t available everywhere.

  • I viewed your FOTD using Marcelle Face Powder and you looked fantastic. It does give out that “mattifying and naturally-glowy” effect. I will try this product for myself soon.
    .-= Beauty Bridge coupon code´s last blog ..FREE Skin Care and Beauty Gift from Beauty Bridge while supply last; orders over $75 receive a free gift of $6.50 value . =-.

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