No More Flat Hair: Schwarzkopf OSiS Glamour Queen.

We’ve all seen them. You know, that lady taking public transportation in the morning with her hair still wet and uncombed.

Well, guess what. That’s me. Actually, it was me.

As part of the unofficial beauty resolutions I made last January, I am making conscious effort to style my hair in the morning. If you know me, I’d rather spend my morning getting my makeup ready (it’s soothing, okay?) instead of fussing with my hair.

When not styled, my hair is naturally straight and unfortunately limp. I love the look of bouncy hair (kinda like this) but I could never get the just-got-back-from-the-salon bounce at home.  That… or I’m too lazy.

But now, I use Scharzkopf OSiS Glamour Queen. I spray this on the roots of my towel dried hair, blow dry my hair in the opposite direction of where it naturally falls, et voila!  Ten minutes later, my hair is actually worthy of being presented to the public.

Other things I love about Glamour Queen:

  1. It smells good.  Think “shower fresh”.
  2. Its flexible hold makes it great for holding everyday hair styling.
  3. It’s a multi-purpose product: volumizing and setting hair spray.
  4. The spray nozzle is so much fun to spray.  I’m not even kidding!  It sprays a super fine mist so you never end up with too much product.
  5. It doesn’t weigh down my fine hair.

I probably only rave about 10% of hair products I use, and I am adding this to that 10%.  This is a very versatile product that actually does what it says.  It’s always a good hair day when I use my Glamour Queen.  Rating: A+.

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