Annabelle Painted Love: Spring is Coming!

It’s warming up in Toronto, and that could only mean one thing: Spring is right around the corner!  Spring means goodbye salty boots, hello flowy skirts!  I was so excited when Isabel (PR rep) offered to send me the new eyeshadows by Annabelle.  What better way to start the season than some new makeup to play with.  Yay!

Clockwise from top left: Helium, Pinked, Nymphet, Toxic Garden

Note: the eyeshadows were swatched heavily so that you can see each eyeshadow’s full potential. 🙂  I will talk about pigmentation of the eyeshadows separately below.

I first read about these eyeshadows from Rae of theNotice and was definitely intrigued.  It was also when I described Toxic Garden as “booger green.”  (Isabel, I’m still both impressed and embarrassed that you caught that comment.)


Helium is a light shimmery neutral.  This one actually contains some peachy pink glitter and not that finely milled.  At first glance it looked a little bit like MAC All That Glitters, but Helium is lighter and more glittery.  If you’re like me and not a fan of the glitter, you can blow or tap it off.  You’ll still be left with plenty of pigment and sheen.


Pinked is a bright pink with low shimmer.  It’s not something that I would usually use on my eyes, but I think it would be a fabulous bright blush.  It is very pigmented, but it’s easy to work with; you can definitely apply this with a light hand.


Nymphet is a light shimmery turquoise.  This is so finely milled and pigmented; definitely the best of the four.  Its texture feels like the MAC’s Veluxe Pearl eyeshadows, which I LOVE!  Because it’s cool-toned, I don’t usually wear colours like it, but of course I have to try!  I think it would look awesome paired with a bright purple.

Toxic Garden

Last but not least, Toxic Garden is booger green.  LOL, just kidding.  Well, sort of. 😛  Yucky in the pan, this colour applies sheer and appears more of a golden green on me.  I’ve paired it with a dark green and a greenish taupe, and it didn’t look at all like booger green!  You might even describe it as pretty.  *gasp*

All in all, I think Annabelle did a great job with these eyeshadows.  My least favourite of the bunch is Helium because of the glitter.  If I were to recommend just one, it would have to be Nymphet.  It’ll be perfect for Spring!

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  • Alisa

    I saw this display at Shoppers the other day and pick up Pinked. I’m wearing it today in fact. Much more wearable than I thought. It looks great with MAC Stars N Rockets.

    • Oooh good idea! I must try the combo. Thanks. 🙂

  • :o) I’m so happy you like our… booger? LOL. Thanks for the swatches are terrific review!
    .-= MissIPP´s last blog ..Happy Anniversary to me! =-.

    • LOL. Too much! I did like it. Surprising eh?

  • Rae

    Haha, I’m really glad “booger green” doesn’t actually look like booger when it’s on, because that would be… unfortunate 😛

    Side note: wearing Helium today! Shimmer factor -> pas un problème pour moi. Had a bit of a strange morning — not only am I wearing shimmery shadows, I’m also wearing Bobbi powder instead of silica, AND there isn’t any Lancome on my face! ( I know, I’m pretty shocked with myself too.) *cheeks feel lonely*

    *but not that lonely because, instead of Lancome, they’re being kept company by NARS*
    .-= Rae´s last blog ..Stunning, just stunning: Alberta Ferretti Fall 2010 =-.

    • LOL Definitely unfortunate. I can just hear you say: “Hon, what are you wearing on your eyes? It’s not working for ya.”

      Oh yeah, because I have never taken a French class in my life (I’m an immigrant, give me a break!) I had to go to to translate your French. I mean I could understand “problem for me”, but I didn’t know if it was a problem or it was not. LOL. I think I should take up French classes for real.

      Are you trying out new products for review, or just felt like using other stuff? NARS is pretty good replacement for Lancome IMO. 😛

  • I saw Pinked being wore by another blogger and it’s actually quite wearable!

    • Awesome, I will certainly try to wear it. 🙂

  • That’s such a beautiful quad! I think I love all the colors in it haha.
    .-= Catherine´s last blog ..Product Focus: Laura Mercier Stickgloss =-.

    • 🙂 They actually come in single pro pans, so you don’t have to get the quad per se if you don’t like them all! The colours are pretty though, I agree.

  • LOL booger green XD the shadows are effing gorgeous
    .-= SilhouetteScreams´s last blog ..Clearly I Was Feeling Creative =-.

    • They are gorgeous! I think I gotta play with them today. 🙂

  • I was taking a look at these the other day in shoppers but the price there was higher than the annabelle website (typical shoppers drug mart) so I wanna go check out walmart and see if they have them, because they had some really nice nudes and you get a free compact with the purchase of 4!!
    .-= Obessed Makeup Addict´s last blog ..Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder: 020 Suntan Matte =-.