M·A·C Chat: Have You Tried It?

Hello again, ladies!  How are you doing today?  I’m at work trying to squeeze in this post on my lunch break. 🙂

I recently had a short chat online with a MAC makeup artist that I thought I’d share with you.  There are a couple of tips in there that might be useful to some.  (I changed the name of the Makeup Artist, obviously.)

info: Happy Holidays from MAC Cosmetics Online.  Your personal Makeup Artist will be with you shortly.
info: Hello.  Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is MUA.  How may I assist you?
Arianne: I’m looking for something to highlight my cheekbones, nothing sparkly but just a soft shimmer
MUA: Hi Arianne.  I’m glad to help.
Arianne: I wear NC40.
MUA: I suggest Honour Blush for a soft highlight to your cheekbones.  It has a pretty shimmer to it but not super sparkly/glittery.
Arianne: What’s the pigmentation like? Is it sheer?
MUA: It has great pigment level so you can apply it sheer or build it up for more intensity.
MUA: Try a brush like the #188 – terrific for highlighting.
Arianne: Great… I’ll check them out.
Arianne: One more thing..
Arianne: I want to know how you know what colour of blush to pair with a look. Every time I put together a look I just grab whatever blush I feel like using, but it may not be the best choice, you know?
MUA: When it comes to blush, a neutral like Prism Blush will look great with everything.  Otherwise, an easy way to create a harmonized look is to use like shades.  So, cool with cool and warm with warm.
MUA: So, if you are using cool based colours on eyes and lips, go with that on your cheeks too.
Arianne: I see.
Arianne: Thanks so much for your help. 🙂
MUA: You are welcome!
MUA: I really enjoyed chatting with you today!  I hope you will go to the site to learn more about these products.

I’ve used the online chat a few times already, and every single time I have been thoroughly impressed at the makeup artist’s quality of service.  It sure beats a few times when I’m asking for help at the MAC store and it’s like I don’t even exist.  I also checked out the colour swatches online, and the colour choice looks spot on.  I’ll check out my MAC store later to check it out.

Has anyone else tried the online chat?  If so, what has your experience been like?  If not, what’s stopping you?

If you’d like to try it, then go to MAC Cosmetics and click on Online Chat on the right sidebar. 😀 Happy chatting!

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  • Thats so fun! I never knew they did that! The one and only time I went to a MAC store they treated me like I was 1. stealing something and 2. an idiot. It was totally weird! I ended up just going home and ordering online. I don’t know why the MAC SAs by me think they are God’s gift to Earth!
    .-= Lisa Kate´s last blog ..Painted Roses, Flying Scotsmen & Fancy Lads, Oh my! =-.

    • I agree, some of those MUAs are such jerks! Like they look at you differently if you aren’t wearing any makeup on a certain day. You should try the online chat sometime. 🙂 At first I thought it was a automated system, but it actually answered my question on blush like a person. So I’m totally convinced!