No Thanks: Makeup Products I Will Not Use.

I consider myself pretty adventurous when it comes to trying out products, but one type of makeup I hate to use is…

loose mineral makeup.


And it seems like I’m a minority here. I just don’t understand the hype. The worst? It gets all over my vanity. 🙁 I’ve tried the full Maybelline Mineral Power line and Everyday Minerals blushes, and anything I like was pressed into pans. I just can’t deal with loose powders!

How About You?

Do you love loose mineral makeup? What are your favourite brands? Please share your tips and tricks. I’m sure we’d all like to know. 🙂

Are there any makeup products you just don’t want to use?  Let’s have it!

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  • Me neither. I have no desire to use mineral m/u. I won some samples of it but just haven’t gotten round to using it. It all seems a bit fiddly.
    .-= VexInTheCity´s last blog ..Bourjois go old skool =-.

    • Feels good to know I’m not alone. Liquid foundation and pressed powders have always worked great for me so I never feel an itch to try loose powders.

  • I use Bare Escentuals, but only for big events

    It really does feel weightless on my skin and that’s my ONLY real major criteria in foundations.

    All the other liquids,etc.. they’re too cakey.

    When done well, and lightly.. mineral makeup is fabulous

    WIth that being said, for everyday, it is NOT WORTH THE HASSLE

    I just slap on concealer and out the door I go. Using bare minerals everyday? gawd.. awful.
    .-= FB @´s last blog ..The Battle of the Sexes: How men cost women more money =-.

    • That’s the thing: it’s such a hassle dealing with loose stuff.

      It’s so much easier to slap on foundation (or mixed foundation/moisturizer) with my fingers than to deal with swirl, tap, buff. Especially if I’m running late already.

  • I don’t have a problem with the loose mineral makeup, I use it every day; the Bare Escentuals kind from Sephora.

    The trick is to tap just a little into the lid of the container, then pick it up with your kabuki brush. Then you don’t lose any to your vanity!

    They are a pain while traveling though, since the containers move around the powder can explode a little when you open it again. For travel I would definitely love a pressed powder version!
    .-= Ginger´s last blog ..The Spending Trend Continues! =-.

    • I think it’s time for me to try BE and see what the whole fuss is about. 🙂 I’m going to get a sample. The kinds that I’ve used in the past just don’t do anything for me.

  • Julia

    I also use bare escentuals every day. I think I was definitely more meticulous about it when I first started using it and it did take a while to get ready in the mornings. After a while, though it really isn’t much of a hassle. As Ginger said, though, travel is a problem. The last time I bought foundation it had a turn close, which eliminates this problem, but I haven’t seen this on any of their eye shadows etc. Maybe in the future!

    • You know what, at this point I probably just don’t want to go out of my comfort zone to actually give mineral makeup a chance. BE will be my next experiment for sure.

  • Rae

    Nooo! I love loose minerals — loose pigments and shadows always seem to have so much more PIGMENT!

    (That said, though, I generally press them, lol!)
    .-= Rae´s last blog ..The five most expensive base items at Bergdorf’s =-.

    • I know, loose minerals that I really like will get pressed.

      Plus it’s a fun project. :p

  • I never understood the fascination as well. They seem like mess-makers. Haha. i like my makeup easy. 😀

    .-= All Women Stalker´s last blog ..5 Holiday Outfit Posts to BlogStalk… =-.

    • Same here! My eye makeup routine is complicated enough, that I don’t want to spend a lot of time on my skin, y’know?

  • I don’t like loose minerals either. It doesn’t have the coverage I’m looking for… I like my foundations to be sheer but strong enough to give me good coverage. The only brand/product I found that’s been able to do that has been Cargo’s OneBase liquid foundation & Cargo’s Wet/Dry Foundation.
    .-= The Asian Pear´s last blog ..Lotions, Creams and All that Jazz =-.

    • Thanks for the recommendations! I think I’ll check those out at Sephora too.

  • I have dry skin and have tried Bare Minerals and other loose mineral powders and they don’t work for me. I feel like my face is chalky and super dry.
    .-= Marisol´s last blog ..Gals Guide meet up =-.

    • That’s how mine felt too, and I have oily skin! Weird.

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